Nicoya Costa Rica

Lush green hills meet the Pacific Ocean here at the Nicoya area, in northwestern Costa Rica. This combination makes for scenic beaches, and the Nicoya Peninsula has miles of them. The Gulf of Nicoya is in the protected area of the peninsula. These slow moving waters are is dotted with small islands and is a haven for a variety of marine life.

The pace here is slow and relaxed, and unlike Tamarindo, which is also on the Pacific coast, not as many visitors make it here. So this is a great place to truly escape it all, even in Costa Rica. The part of the Gulf of Nicoya that meets the land turns into the Tempisque River. Slow moving currents make this area shallow and muddy, perfect habitat for nesting birds and an ideal environment for the mussels, crabs and shrimps that nestle in the roots of these federally protected mangroves. These smaller animals thrive on the abundant algae, which grows in the water in Nicoya.

The thick woods that cover the hills at the lower part of the Gulf of Nicoya hide secret bays, which are hidden from view. Deeper, saltier water and even less civilization make this a distinctly different experience from the upper part of the gulf. There is a lot of marine life but it is in the form of larger fishes. Different types of monkeys, armadillos, anteaters, jaguars, mountain lions, and giant turtles make this marine sanctuary part of their habitat.

Tortuga Island Nicoya Gulf is a small island of 112 hectares that is leased from the government by the 12-member Cubero family. They allow eco-friendly tourism activity such as small cruise ships and tours to be conducted here. The environment here is a dry tropical forest, so it is often dry and has an extended summer season. Tortuga Island Nicoya Gulf gives you a distinct tropical island feel that is different from the rest of Nicoya. Immaculate white sand beaches, turquoise water and coral reefs make this spot an irresistible lure.

The town of Nicoya, further to the north, is the first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica and is a center for activity and a great place to explore the different companies offering Costa Rica fishing and other types of excursions to the Nicoya Peninsula. A trip to this area takes extra planning and effort, as it is off the beaten path. But when you stand on an unspoiled beach with the cries of exotic animals filling the air as you gaze into the deep blue horizon, you will be so glad you came here, to the Nicoya Penisula Costa Rica.

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