Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a biologically diverse Central American country where eco-tourism is just one of the main focuses. For a relatively small country, its natural wonders are among the most impressive on earth. If you are heading to Costa Rica with eco-tourism in mind, the Osa Peninsula should be one of the top regions that you consider. Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean on Costa Rica's southwestern edge, the Osa Peninsula presents the visitor with some of the country's most pristine rainforests. A rugged landscape defines most of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, and the Corcovado National Park is just part of the area's appeal. Hiking, camping, scuba diving and so much more can be enjoyed on a Osa Peninsula Costa Rica vacation, and the beaches here offer some stunning settings. It's no wonder that the Osa Peninsula attracts visitors of all kinds, from celebrities and deep-pocketed eco-tourists, to budget-minded backpackers. Throw in the fact that the Osa Peninsula lodging options have some tempting selections, and you have a Central American destination just as worthy as any other.

Most travelers heading to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica base themselves either on the northern side, where you will find Drake Bay, or on the peninsula's southern edge, where the town of Puerto Jimenez is located. Drake Bay arguably sees more visitors than Puerto Jimenez, and in case you are wondering how this Pacific inlet got its name, it was supposedly discovered by Sir Francis Drake during his 1579 around-the-globe sailing campaign. Modern day adventure travelers will certainly appreciate hanging out in Drake Bay, and the Osa Peninsula lodging options found here include a few lodges that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Sportfishing, sea kayaking and snorkeling are just some of the possible things to do at Drake Bay, and if you are really feeling up for a unique experience, you might join one of the night time bug tours. These tours are centered around the creatures that come out at night, so if you are squeamish, you might sit this activity out. During the day, the Río Agujitas is ideal for swimming and canoeing, and the extensive open beaches to the south of the bay are a joy to discover. Birdwatching along these deserted beaches is as good as it gets in Costa Rica, and hidden waterfalls await the curious who see fit to wander the area's forest trails. Further south of Drake Bay is where the wildlands eventually become part of Corcovado National Park, so you can surely add a tour or two there.

You can also explore Corcovado National Park if you choose to make Puerto Jimenez the base for your Osa Peninsula Costa Rica vacation. In both Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez, you can hire a guide to help you take it all in, which is generally a good idea in the rainforest, unless of course you would like to end up like one of the television survival guides who have filmed episodes on the peninsula. Joking aside, there are some vigorously wild animals that wander the Corcovado National Park terrain, so going with a guide is almost surely your best bet. If you are headed to Puerto Jimenez, you might be surprised to find that although it is a busy place of sorts, it is rather small and relaxed at the same time. Both backpackers and travelers without a budget can often be found in and around town, and since the Corcovado Park headquarters are found in Puerto Jimenez, it is a place where you can book many a park tour. Besides wilderness tours, you might try your hand at surfing here. Points like Cabo Matapalo have some nice waves to offer, and if you are headed up the coast after your time here, say to check out the breaks at Dominical or in the Guanacaste Province, you might get some practice in here first. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just soaking up rays on a picturesque beach.

As for the Osa Peninsula hotels, many of the lodges found at Drake Bay offer all inclusive Costa Rica packages. Accessible only by boat, and thus pretty hard to get to, these lodges offer visitors all inclusive packages to encourage them to look past the logistics of getting there. Generally, your transportation to the lodge is covered in the package, as are your meals and general tours. Not a bad deal at all. If you want to save some money on Drake Bay Osa Peninsula lodging, you might choose to stay at one of the moderately-priced tent camps, where the accommodations are half tent, half cabin. The Bahía Paraíso Rainforest Lodge offers a collection of these kinds of tents, and they just so happen to be found right near one of the best Osa Peninsula Costa Rica beaches. Like the lodges, these tent camps are usually part of an all inclusive package. The Osa Peninsula hotels in and near Puerto Jimenez generally follow suit regarding the kinds of packages they offer, though some also feature a basic, nightly rate. If you plan to take a bunch of tours, booking a package might actually save you money in the long run. Near Puerto Jimenez, you will find choices for lodges as well, with some lower-priced options found particularly near town. There are also vacation home rentals available in Puerto Jimenez, with Matapalo Beach boasting some digs that are close to the water. The Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge is an excellent choice for luxury Osa Peninsula hotels, offering spacious cabins that enjoy surrounding gardens and simply amazing ocean views.

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