Playa Grande Costa Rica

Playa Grande Beach Costa Rica is a tourist and surfer paradise located only a few miles north of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. For those who love nature and wildlife, Playa Grande Beach Costa Rica is part of Las Baulas Marine Park, a place where every year between October and February hundreds of the largest sea turtles, the endangered leatherback sea turtles, come ashore to lay their eggs. Visitors during this time can take evening turtle tours to witness this fantastic event. For surfers, a Playa Grande vacation offers a beach that has been rated one of the best surf spots in the country.

This beach, located on Costa Rica's North Pacific Coast, accommodates both surfers and budget tourists by offering beaches that are both swimming and surfing friendly, and inexpensive Playa Grande hotels. This beach is particularly family-friendly in that no one is allowed on the beach at night, which is actually for the safety of the leatherback sea turtles, and is most heavily enforced during the nesting and hatching seasons. This extra detail is an aspect that proves inviting for families wanting to experience a Playa Grande vacation.

Other popular Playa Grande vacation activities in the area are snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding, all of which can be organized and rented from some of the Playa Grande hotels. The turtle tours of the area are the most popular aspect of this park, aside from the wonderful surfing, which can also be planned through Playa Grande hotels. The turtle tours allow visitors to witness both the laying of the eggs, and the hatching. Playa Grande Beach Costa Rica is a wonderful vacation spot for adventure seekers and family vacationers alike.

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