Quepos Costa Rica

A gateway town for visits to Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos Costa Rica is no longer a sleepy coastal town. Instead, visitors are flocking here, some of whom quickly become interested in purchasing Costa Rica real estate in the area. A place where the rainforest meets the sea, Quepos is positioned on a tropical inlet about halfway down Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Where banana plantations once thrived in and around Quepos, African palms now dominate, and with the country's most visited National Park close by, tourism is now the city's main industry. The high season for Quepos Costa Rica is December through April, which are the driest months of the year here. Things are especially lively in February, when the month-long Festival del Mar (Festival of the Sea) is celebrated. In Quepos, there is a pretty healthy nightlife scene, and the village center is a joy to explore, with bakeries, art galleries, restaurants and things the like. If you want to go sportfishing in Costa Rica, there may be no better embarkation point than Quepos, which is regarded by some as one of the top sportfishing places in the world.

If you are coming to Quepos Costa Rica by way of rental car, it's about a 3 hour drive from the country's main airport in San Jose. As you near Quepos at the end of the drive, you will surely notice the miles of African oil-palm trees. The fields that they are planted on once were home to Chiquita banana plantations. By the 1980"s disease had all but wiped out these plantations, and the African palms proved to be a worthy replacement. The rich oil of these palms is used world-wide and can be found in products such as industrial lubricants and lipstick. Once you arrive in town, you will want to find accommodations, unless you have already secured them when planning your Quepos vacation. No matter your budget, you are sure to find a worthy Quepos hotel. Perhaps a luxury bed and breakfast will prove ideal, or maybe you will opt to save money by staying in town. The Manuel Antonio beach is among the top attractions in the area, and you can hop on a bus in town and be there in no time. Quepos house rentals are also becoming more typical, some of which are quite large and luxurious. Even the more modestly-priced Quepos house rentals are quite attractive, offering plenty of charm and amenities. Maybe a 2-bedroom house near the town center will be the ideal fit.

Most of the nicer Quepos hotels are found on a hill above the Manuel Antonio beach. While there are a few beach front options, the views from on high are particularly attractive. Note that in the high season, the beaches here can become quite crowded. This is surely something to consider in relation to hotel availability and rates. Camping in Quepos is another lodging option, though camping is no longer permitted in the Manuel Antonio National Park. The new Camping Quepos campground can be found just outside of town, near the Hotel Plinio. Featuring 24-hour security, bathrooms, showers and fire pits, it is a great option for those looking to go camping in Quepos. Further outside of town, about 30 miles or so, you can also go camping in the Alto Quepos Touring and Camping Park. The mountain cloud forest environment offers a unique setting, and you can book adventure tours on the side if you wish. Back near town, there are plenty of activities you can get into as well. After taking afternoon surfing lessons, or going on a guided rainforest safari, you might head to a downtown internet cafe` to fill friends in back home about your travels. A Quepos vacation can also see you taking Spanish lessons on a homestay program.

Whether you spend a few weeks, or just a few days in Quepos, the long list of things to do here will surely keep you busy. Of course, if you just want to relax during your Quepos vacation, sipping on a cold beverage by a resort pool isn't exactly a bad way to go. If you do decide to separate yourself from your hammock or lounging chaise, the many possible Quepos tours should provide something of interest. Golfing, bird watching, river rafting, scuba diving and rainforest horseback riding are just some of the activities you can enjoy on a Quepos tour. This place pretty much has it all.



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