Costa Rica Rainforest Animals

The Costa Rica rainforest animals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plenty of birds to admire. Insects are also quite plentiful in the country’s rainforest regions, and they can grow to rather large sizes. Eco-tours that highlight the rainforest fauna can be arranged with ease in Costa Rica, and these tours tend to include more than wildlife viewing. Other possible tour activities include rappelling and rafting.

While the Costa Rica rainforests are full of fascinating creatures, some of these creatures are quite shy and don’t tend to stick around when humans approach. As such, it can be more difficult to spot some rather than others. Among the more commonly spotted animals are raccoons, coatis, agoutis, armadillos, anteaters, squirrels, and sloths. Monkeys are also seen with frequency. The Costa Rica monkeys are of the squirrel, spider, howler and white-faced capuchin varieties. As for Costa Rica rainforest animals that are rarely seen, they include jaguars and tapirs. Both of these animals are considered to be endangered, which helps to explain the relatively low number of sightings.

The majority of the snakes in Costa Rica can be found in lowland jungle areas, so anyone who is delving into the rainforest should be aware. Some of these slithery creatures are quite dangerous, so it can be a good idea to trek through the forest with a guide. That being said, the majority of the snake species are harmless. As for other creatures that inhabit the Costa Rican rainforests, they include red eyed tree frogs, poison dart frogs, toucans, parrots, and iguanas. This is just a small sample, however, and when it comes down to it, you never know what you might see during a Costa Rica rainforest visit. Every experience is different.

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