Costa Rica Resorts

You might be surprised to find a small number of resorts when traveling to Costa Rica. Perhaps because tourism is still carving out its place within the country's economy. Or maybe because of the beautiful scenery and laid-back lifestyle of the country, the entire nation feels like a giant resort. Or the country's catering towards adventure and nature-intensive vacations. For whatever reason, Costa Rica beach resorts are not the most wildly popular places to stay, but that doesn't mean there are not plenty for those that prefer this style of travel.

Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are mainly located on the eastern side of the country, where the areas are a little more secluded and their is a stronger Caribbean influence. This part is certainly less inhabited, especially the further south you go - many of the finest Costa Rica beach resorts are located south of Limon as the coast stretches down towards Puerto Viejo. Here you can find beautiful Costa Rica all inclusive resorts such as the Hotel Kasha, with private beaches, guided tours of the surrounding area and many other amenities at the tips of your fingers. As for the western side, choices are a bit slim, with the majority of Costa Rica all inclusive resorts found along Jaco Beach, where couples and singles can take in the beach while still having access to the country's best nightlife.

But when you are talking about a Costa Rica resort, you are just as likely to be talking about one of the many wilderness resorts hidden away in the country's rolling rain forests. Obviously these are more nature intensive than simple Costa Rica beach resorts, and often provide a good mix of convenience, comfort and the ability to experience all that the diverse wildlife the land has to offer. The height of this style of Costa Rica resort is found in the secluded southwestern Osa peninsula, near where Cano Island lies. The area here is so isolated that the resorts are often self-sufficient in every way possible, and the lowland rainforests are, quite literally, at your doorstep. As far as luxury resorts Costa Rica doesn't get much better than the lodges found here. Private cabins on cliffs overlooking the natural splendor of the country are breathtaking to say the least. Another feature of wilderness resorts are that many were designed specifically to minimize their effect on surrounding ecosystems. In fact, if you stay at a Costa Rica resort, there's a good chance it was once a research facility used to study biology or conservation.

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