Day Trips from San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose is the largest city in Costa Rica and, if you are flying into the country, the likely place that you'll first touch down. If you have time to kill in San Jose, or want to understand the life of a city-dweller in Costa Rica, you'll find there are plenty of things to do here. San Jose day trips will reveal the vibrancy of this exciting country and give visitors a taste of what the country motto, "Pura Vida" (pure life), is all about.


San Jose day trips of the downtown area offer the chance to see some of Costa Rica's best museums and cultural centers. Costa Rica tours of museums almost always center on San Jose. The National Museum of Costa Rica, as well as the National Center of Art and Culture are located here in San Jose. The Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, the Plaza de la Cultura and the Plaza de la Democracia are also located here in the downtown area, and travelers will find these areas to be the best places for shopping and dining. At night, there are a number of great restaurants to enjoy, as well as a theatre house which features local and international performances nightly. If, like most travelers, you plan to travel out for day trips from San Jose or leave San Jose at all, you'll be taking the bus. The bus station is also located downtown.

National Center of Art and Culture

This is one of San Jose"s finest centers. The offices of the Cultural Ministry, various performing-arts centers, and the Musuem of Contemporary Art and Design are found here. This center and museum is located right downtown and is a great way to spend the day or an afternoon.

Gold Museum

Right below the Plaza de la Cultura, travelers will find the underground Gold Museum, located mysteriously below the city. One of the largest collections of pre-Columbian gold can be found here, under San Jose. This is a fascinating and unimitable way to spend the morning or even an entire day.

Day Trips from San Jose

Costa Rica tours and day trips from San Jose are plentiful. Perhaps one of the most popular Costa Rica tours for visitors is a Canopy Tour of the rainforest. Suspended on a series of zip lines, Canopy Tours send guest flying above the rainforest. Tourists will not only get to ride along in style, but they will get a rare view of one of the most active section of a rainforest - the top 10%.

Another popular tour in Costa Rica is the incredible Butterfly Farm tour. The Butterfly Farm is a large area planted specifically with butterflies in mind. All of the plants and greenery have been chosen to attract and support butterfly life, and visitors can take a walking tour of the farm to see some of the most unique and beautiful butterflies in the world. Although people of all ages continue to fall in love with the Butterfly Farm, this tour is particularly popular among children and families.

Travelers who want to plan San Jose day trips near the city might consider a trip to the Poas Volcano. Although it is possible to make the drive on your own, many travelers who choose not to rent a car in Costa Rica instead plan a bus tour. Tour companies will pick up mountain travelers right in San Jose, usually quite early in the morning to ensure the best views of the volcano. The drive to the mountain is itself a treat. Lush coffee plantations, flower farms, and friendly locals line the unpaved road and make the travel quite pleasant.



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