Casa De Linford, Santa Cruz

Casa De Linford

Sanctuary Resort

Your dream vacation rental is at CASA DE LINFORD. A beautiful ocean side paradise just for you. Luxury 3 bedroom 2 bath villa. Beautifully furnished and decorated. Breathtaking views of the ocean. Walking distance to beaches and much other recreational fun including signups for tours, rentals, charters, restaurants, pools, jacuzzi, bars, spa, massages, all beach and water activities.Make no mistake about it, Casa De Linford at The Sanctuary Resort is not a place of endless amenities and wild nightlife. It is a very remote, peaceful getaway in coastal Costa Rica where you can relax, enjoy a book, walk on the beach, or take in some of the basic amenities offered on-site. And like most of the coastal roads in Costa Rica, the roads are bumpy and unpaved. This adds to Casa De Linford's natural appeal and remote quietness Yet everything you are accustomed to is there if you want it including the house being fully furnished, refrigerator, dishwasher, an entertainment center, satellite television, air conditioning, alarm clocks and pretty much any other amenity that you are used to at home. And the views are just breathtaking