Suggested Itineraries for Monteverde

Costa Rica is one of Central America's most popular destinations. With acres of rainforests and miles of pleasant beaches, putting together Monteverde itineraries should not be difficult, no matter how long you have in the country. Whether you have enough time to traverse all of Costa Rica, or would like to simply concentrate your visit, your Monteverde suggested itineraries can include plenty of outdoor pursuits and beauty.

Suggested itineraries Monteverde:

1-3 Days

No matter where you are coming from, your flight into Costa Rica will likely be into San Jose, the capital and largest city in the country. Your Monteverde itineraries can include some time spent exploring San Jose while you are there, and possibly eating in a restaurant or two while you are at it. From San Jose, make your way to Monteverde. If you only have a day to spend in Monteverde, take the Costa Rica zip line canopy tour or hike along the Monteverde Skywalk to see the rainforest.

4-7 Days

With more time to spend in Costa Rica, you'll want to spend more time in Monteverde. Your suggested itineraries Monteverde can include so much more then a trip through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Head over to the Tabacon Hot Springs or the Baldi Hot Springs and work out any muscles that are still sore from traveling. If you feel so inclined, you might also try and make it down to the beach. Costa Rica is famous for its beaches, and your Monteverde itineraries should include at least a day or two at the ocean.

7+ Days

While your suggested itineraries Monteverde will include beautiful hikes and incredible views of the rainforest canopy, you won't want to forget to plan plenty of time to go to the beach, especially if you have a week or more for your Monteverde itineraries. After spending a day at the Arenal Volcano, head southeast to the beach. While there are a number of beach towns and popular places to spend your time, you can get to many of the most popular beaches from Monteverde by spending about a day on a Costa Rican bus. Once you've arrived at the beach, you'll be able enjoy surfing, scuba diving, and the spirit of Costa Rica.

Whether you plan your Monteverde suggested itineraries around beach tours, rainforest tours, or even white water rafting tours, Costa Rica is a country that has only been discovered by tourists in recent years. Gorgeous forests and some of the best beaches for surfing in the world come together in this Central American treasure.

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