Costa Rica Surf Resorts

Costa Rica Surf Resorts provide access to some of the world’s best waves and beaches. When you add to that year-round sunny weather, a warm climate and a well-developed tourism infrastructure, then you have a world-class destination for surfing. Whether you’ve been surfing for years or it sounds like something fun to try while on vacation, you’ll find the perfect place to hit the waves. Throughout Costa Rica, several surf camps and resorts welcome those interested in wrapping their vacations around surfing. Both beginners and experts spend time at these places where surfing is the name of the game.

Costa Rica Surf Resorts

Costa Rica Surf Resorts
Costa Rica Surf Resorts

Combing the comfort of a tropical resort and the fun of a surf camp, Costa Rica’s surf resorts provide everything you need for a full vacation. A resort is so much more than a hotel—it’s a place to savor a vacation. With comfortable overnight accommodations, dining options, and a full schedule of activities, a resort is truly a one-stop destination. If you pick one of the resorts right on the beach, there won’t be much keeping you away from the waves. You won’t have to worry about crowds or dealing with a lot of hassles so you have more time to surf.

Kalon Surf (pictured), nestled along the shores of Canto Del Mar, works hard to ensure its guests will have a hassle-free vacation. With a boutique hotel and full access to surfing experts, Kalon Surf packs a lot into its packages. The teacher-student ratio is 3:1, and lessons are taped so surfers can work on their technique. The resort also boasts a gourmet chef, infinity pool, and a masseuse to ensure surfers have the chance to relax as well.

Costa Rica Surf Resorts

Costa Rica Surf Resorts
Costa Rica Surf Resorts  Image: dog4aday (flickr)

While some surfers desire luxury on their vacation, others are looking for some laid-back accommodations. Surf camps offer a range of places to stay, including traditional hotel rooms, rustic cabins, and huts on the beach. Some of the packages include meals and tours, while others include the overnight stay and surfing experiences. Like at the resorts, expert surfers are available to teach lessons and help all levels of surfers work on their techniques. One of the most popular surf camps in the country is located on Playa Tamarindo, on the Pacific Coast. Tamarindo Surf Camp is located on a beach with waves suited for all kind of surfers. After a day on the beach, you could easily relax at your oceanfront hotel room or head into town to enjoy the nightlife Tamarindo is known for.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Surfing

Costa Rica All Inclusive Surfing
Costa Rica All Inclusive Surfing  Image: dakine kane (flickr)

Surfing is one of those activities that can get expensive, when you consider the costs of the equipment and lessons. Many airlines have started to charge outrageous fees to bring surfboards on flights. It makes sense to get a board once you arrive. All inclusive hotels are a wonderful way to enjoy thee thrill of surfing without worrying about paying through the nose. With everything, including the boards, you can pay once and not worry about pulling out a credit card everything you want to go surfing. You have a few options if you’re looking for the ease of an all-inclusive vacation. One is to pick a resort where everything is included or another is to pick a vacation package with all the perks. Several tour companies have put together vacations that hop from surf beach to surf beach so you can experience the best Costa Rica has to offer.

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