Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach, a gorgeous community and coastal gem, offers just about everything that could encompass an ideal vacation. Amenities of all kinds abound in this beach town, from romance to adventure to family friendly; some of the expected occupations include honeymoons, weddings, spa treatments, horseback riding, turtle watching, diving, surfing, golfing, sailing, jungle boat tours, and of course, shopping. 

Choosing a venue for a delicious meal can be a challenge, because there are so many establishments that offer deliciousness on their menus, more than forty restaurants and local eateries. The selection of cuisine ranges over all types of food, such as vegetarian, local Costa Rican, and international fare, carefully and deliciously prepared for every guest.

Some of nature’s finest beauty surrounds the white Tamarindo Beach as it stretches three and a half kilometers along the coast against azure blue waters. To the north and south, national parks of jungle bank Tamarindo, and to the east, the mountains offer fabulous views, and all around, adventure beckons. Wildlife thrives all around, including leatherback sea turtles that lay their eggs to the north, howler monkeys that swing through the trees of the jungles, and giant iguanas that may pop in for a visit if you decide to dine at an outdoor restaurant. Throughout the year, Tamarindo Beach is primed in natural grandeur; however, in the wet summer season, from May through October, the rainy afternoons call forth an enchanting sparkle and a most splendid sunset, making this a lovely time of year to enjoy those breathtaking views on one of the country's lovliest beaches.

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