Tortuguero Beach

Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica is located within Tortuguero National Park. This truly exotic beach and park are found on the northern Gulf Coast of Costa Rica. Visitors who wish to experience Tortuguero Beach vacations are in for a unique experience. Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica is only accessible by air or through a winding system of narrow waterways. The journey to Tortuguero via these canals gives visitors a chance to truly experience this areas rich diversity of wildlife. The area of Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica boasts the presence of many species of exotic animals such as the Cayman, toucans, three-toed sloths, parrots, and several species of sea turtles, and monkeys.

Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica is best known for its presence of a large number of nesting sea turtles. Every year, hundreds of sea turtles, leatherback, green, and hawksbill, go ashore the beaches of Tortuguero Beach Costa Rica to lay eggs. Turtle tours are offered by Tortuguero Beach hotels to take visitors out at night during nesting season to witness these ocean giants laying their eggs, making Tortuguero Beach vacations a truly enriching and unique experience.

Tortuguero Beach hotels are known in Costa Rica for being at the forefront of ecotourism. They offer visitors in the search of unique Tortuguero Beach vacations with opportunities to engage in educational adventure guides through the Tortuguero National Park and along the beaches. Not only are they eco-friendly, but the Tortuguero Beach hotels are some of the top picks of the country, offering great accommodations and a reasonable price.

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