When to Travel to Costa Rica

When to travel to Costa Rica truly does depend upon the kind of activities you wish to partake in. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the unbridled beauty of this country in Central America no matter when you choose to travel, but there are two distinctly different seasons for the weather in Costa Rica. These can be defined as the summer high dry season and the low rainy season. Planning in advance for the weather conditions during these times of the year will allow you to pack appropriately as well as plan for the host of activities and attractions that are at your disposal.

There are advantages to traveling during both seasons, as is the case with most countries south of the Equator. In the case of Costa Rica, you will have access to the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The great abundance of flora and fauna, and the exotic wildlife and marine life of this country leave many unforgettable imprints upon the minds of those people who visit. If you are all about eco-tourism, you could not choose a much better place than Costa Rica. This also holds true for beach activities including everything from sailing and surfing to jet skiing and paragliding. The key to making the most of your trip is preparing well for the weather in advance.

The high dry season of summer generally lasts from December through the month of April. The name of this season is perfectly apropos for what you can expect—arid, dry weather, and lots of heat. This is a perfect time for those who love beach vacations. There are warm and inviting tropical beaches where you will not only find the opportunity to engage in many water sports and activities, but also plenty of time to rest and relax under a shady umbrella. Traveling during the high season means that all of the bars, restaurants, clubs, and shops are up and running in full gear, while it also means that you will experience the most tourist traffic. Even so, the tourist crowds are comparatively small when viewed against other countries like Mexico whose top spots get overrun during the busiest times. It should also be noted that this is an exceptional time for surfing in Costa Rica.

The low rainy season takes place between the months of May and November. While the rain is definitely a factor, people who have visited Costa Rica before will tell you that it may just be the best time to travel. A couple reasons include the facts that prices on just about everything are cut in half, there are no tourist crowds, and even though it may be raining cats and dogs in the mountains or the rain forest, it is not at all uncommon for there to be perfectly sunny conditions on the beaches. Even on the days that it rains, it tends to clear up within a couple of hours, making way for a brilliant day of sunshine. If you want to save money and have a relaxing time, you may consider the winter for when to travel to Costa Rica on vacation.

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