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El Salvador is the only country in Central America to border the Pacific Ocean rather than the Caribbean, but this fact does not detract from the quality of El Salvador surfing. With better quality and lesser-known swells than neighboring Costa Rica, for example, El Salvador is gaining in popularity among surf enthusiasts. Whether you are an expert coming to see the best El Salvador has to offer or you want to give surfing a try for the first time, El Salvador is a great place for a vacation.

El Salvador surfing lessons are available for everyone from beginners to intermediates, or even advanced surfers looking to develop their skills. Experts will bring you to beaches with appropriate wave conditions for your ability, and they will also provide equipment if you haven’t brought your own board. El Salvador surfing lessons are widely available in both Spanish and English, but they might be harder to find in other languages. If you’re planning a beach vacation, El Salvador surfing can be arranged with the assistance of your hotel as many surf companies are associated with hotels who recommend their services.

El Salvador surfing lessons are a fun experience even if you’ve never been on a surfboard. Your lesson will begin on the beach, where you’ll learn the basics of paddling and how to stand up on the board. With a few basic tips, you’ll be out in the water giving the new theories a try. Some of the instructors arrived from other areas of the world searching for the best surf in El Salvador and never left, and they bring a wealth of knowledge about surfing to their classes. Warm weather, delicious food, and the hospitality of locals are enough to persuade surf lovers to extend their time spend in El Salvador.

One location has gotten a reputation as having the best surf in El Salvador. Punta Roca attracts locals and foreigners alike for its large swells. This exposed point break is known for waves, and when the surf is up it can become very busy in the water. The popularity of the spot alone qualifies it to be called the best surf in El Salvador, but surfers should beware of rocks and be respectful of locals who don’t want to share the best waves. However, the consistency of the surf means that there is enough for everyone to enjoy the waves.

El Salvador surfing takes place in many areas along its 186-miles coastline. The actual surfing is only half of the lifestyle—many surfers also enjoy El Salvador for its nightlife and music. Affordable prices of cuisine, hotels, transportation, and cultural activities in the capital of San Salvador all make this destination a popular choice for surfing enthusiasts. While crime against tourists isn’t currently an issue, crime does exist, especially between rival gangs in the city, and travelers are advised to take extra safety precautions because of this fact. While surfing and nightlife are popular, El Salvador is also a great location for affordable family vacations. Beautiful beaches, affordable hotels, and plenty of flights to the US make an El Salvador vacation a great alternative to the popular beaches of the Caribbean.

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