Antigua Market

A visit to the Antigua Market is something that many Guatemala visitors look to add to their itinerary. More of a cultural experience than a shopping experience, this market offers insight into a local way of life, and visiting is one of the more popular things to do in Guatemala. Saturday mornings are especially colorful, as regional residents come from all around to either buy or sell, though this can be a great market to explore on any given day.

Several words could be used to describe the market in Antigua, but lively, chaotic, and colorful are among the best. The liveliness comes from the fact that this is a popular market for regional residents and visitors alike, while the chaotic side of things is partly bolstered by the location near the oft-raucous bus stop. As for the colorful aspect, the textile goods that are on display are largely to thank for that. Also adding color are the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that many vendors look to sell.

Textiles, food products, and flowers aren’t the only things that Antigua Market vendors are known to sell. Among the numerous other things that shoppers will likely come across are handicrafts, souvenirs, musical instruments, batteries, and bracelets. Variety is certainly the name of the game, and even those who don’t plan on spending a lot of money can have a good time navigating the tight and oft-crowded streets. Just be sure to guard yourself from possible pickpockets.

For purpose of clarification, the main Antigua Market area is an outdoor street market that unfolds on the western side of town. In the same area is an indoor market that mostly targets the tourist crowd, and it too can be a fun place to explore. If you haven’t yet had your fill of market shopping after visiting these Antigua markets, a side trip to Chichicastenango might then be in order. This small city quite simply boasts what is Guatemala’s most renowned open-air market.

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