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More and more Central America cruises are including Guatemala as a stop on their itineraries. With cruise ship port facilities on both the eastern Gulf of Honduras and the western Pacific Ocean, a cruise to Guatemala gives visitors the chance to leave the boat to get a taste of Guatemalan culture at two different spots. Whether you choose to embark from the mainland United States or find yourself departing from a foreign land such as Barbados or Mexico, your cruise to Guatemala will likely be just one stop on a wonderful Caribbean and Central American adventure. On a Guatemala cruise, you will be given the option to add an exciting Guatemala tour once you have docked ship or you can head out and explore on your own.

The majority of Guatemala cruise packages can be found between the months of October and May, when cold northern temperatures see an increase in demand within the cruise industry. On the western coast of Guatemala, Puerto Quetzal is the port of call. On the eastern coast of Guatemala, Santo Tomás de Castilla is where the Guatemala cruise ships dock. Cruise ships from Guatemala usually continue on to nearby destinations in Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, before returning to their original departure sites. A cruise to Guatemala can be part of a week-long trip through the Americas on up to a small leg in a 36-night Grand Caribbean expedition. Finding the right cruise to Guatemala for you is a matter of researching the options to see which scheduled trip best fits your wants and needs. From the United States, Central America cruises with stops in Guatemala leave from ports around the country. Seattle, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, New York, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego and Los Angeles ports all have scheduled cruises to Guatemala.

On a Guatemala cruise, other ports you can expect to visit along the journey differ with each scheduled sailing. Generally, stops in Mexico and the Caribbean compliment the stops you will make in Central America. Central America cruises are growing in popularity for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is that they offer fresh destinations that beg to be explored. One of the greatest features of Central American cruises are the onshore excursions that the cruise companies offer on land. In Guatemala, ships pulling into port at Santo Tomás de Castilla offer a wide array of onshore excursions. Among the popular options for families is the excursion that awards you full use of the facilities at the Amatique Bay Resort & Spa, which happens to be one of the more notable Guatemalan resorts. You might prefer an excursion that has you sailing up the Dulce River into the surrounding lush jungle. Touring the towns along the coast gives insight into the local Garifuna population of Guatemala, as well as the native Indian groups in the area. At the lowland port of Puerto Quetzal, one of the more popular onshore excursions involves a trip to the charming city of Antigua. For a considerable fee, you can arrange an excursion to see the impressive Mayan ruins at Tikal. The trip includes round trip travel by plane. Onshore tours can also include tours outside the cruise options, such as visiting a nearby schoolhouse.

When searching for, or booking your cruise to Guatemala, be sure to check for the onshore excursions that will be offered on your trip. You may be surprised at the affordability of the majority of excursions offered, let alone the number of them. You can book Caribbean and Central America cruises to Guatemala either through an agent or online. If you are taking the latter route, be sure to check for any special discounts that may be offered. One thing to note about the ports of Guatemala is that Santo Tomás de Castilla is presently more prepared for tourism than is Puerto Quetzal, but as Guatemala continues to develop its emerging tourism industry, that should change.

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