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Traveling through Guatemala, tourists will notice a good amount of Guatemala tour agencies located in or near the main tourist destinations. A Guatemala tour can be arranged ahead of time, or on the go as your whims decide where you will be going next. A relatively small country, Guatemala's attractions are all within a couple hours away from each other, either by plane, automobile or bus. Whether your interests are ecological, archaeological or historical, you can find a Guatemala tour that caters to your needs. From the city to the jungle, arranged adventures throughout Guatemala are usually worth their generally low rates.

As the financial, cultural and transportation hub of the country, the capital of Guatemala City, while not a favorite Guatemala destination on many people's list, it"s where most flights to Guatemala arrive. Some people opt to head out of the big city, while others choose to spend at least a few days exploring it. With the country's largest airport and bus station, A Guatemala tour to virtually every corner of the country can be arranged in Guatemala City. Worth exploring itself, a Guatemala City tour is a great way to learn about Latin America's largest urban sprawl. A half-day or full-day Guatemala City tour can be quite affordable, as well as educational. Most of these sightseeing tours make stops at places of specific interest, such as the National Palace, the Cathedral and Archaeological Museum. A Guatemala City tour can often be paired with extended tours that visit famous and beautiful locations outside the city, such as Tikal.

A tour of Tikal Guatemala lets visitors approach the large Mayan ruins with a knowledgeable guide who can prove priceless when it comes to information. Organized tours to Tikal are among the most popular Guatemala tours, if not the most popular. Tikal is awe-inspiring, a great Mayan city rising from the jungles of Guatemala's northern Petén region. Tikal excursions can be arranged from Guatemala City, with the option of air travel to and from nearby Flores, but Flores itself is the hub for Guatemala tours in Petén. A tour of Tikal Guatemala can involve getting in and out in one day, or entail 4 or more days of camping and park exploration. If roughing it is not your thing, look for a tour of Tikal Guatemala that has you staying either at one of the park's hotels, or at one of the many Flores hotels. Not only are the Mayan ruins at Tikal exciting to see, but so are the many unique creatures that make their home in the Tikal National Park. The international airport at Flores handles visiting flights from the country's capital, other Central and South American cities, as well as from Houston, Texas. Fans of a Tikal tour may also consider arranging a tour to see the Mayan ruins at El Mirador.

Antigua Guatemala tours are also among the most popular tour options for visitors to the "Land of Eternal Spring". Antigua is among the best-preserved examples of Spanish colonial architecture found in the Americas. Flowers adorn colorful buildings that line the cobbled streets of this favorite hangout. Among Antigua's many hotels, restaurants and Spanish language schools are the various travel agencies offering Antigua Guatemala tours. A sightseeing tour of Antigua gives insight into the former capital of Guatemala, and a myriad of Antigua Guatemala tours take tourist into the surrounding highlands. Nearby Lake Atitlan is a favorite destination among Antigua Guatemala tours, as is the Pacaya volcano. On Thursdays and Sundays, Antigua Guatemala tours to Chichicastenango bring visitors to one of the largest markets in Central America. While shopping at Chichicastenango, visitors can peruse the myriad of high-quality Mayan textiles and crafts, while an assortment of dialects and rich, food smells permeate the air.

Other Guatemala tours could see you entering a lush jungle atmosphere while cruising the Dulce River near Santo Tomas de Castilla, or visiting a blown-glass factory near Quetzaltenango. Spend 9 days biking and hiking the Guatemalan highlands, or 14 days exploring Guatemalan markets and Mayan ruins. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to Guatemala tours. You can even find Guatemalan tours to Oaxaca, Mexico if you should want to cross borders. A brief moment spent researching Guatemala tours online will quickly reveal just how many options there are. Generally affordable, and typically easier than making all the necessary travel arrangements yourself, Guatemala tours are a great way to go. Quite often, Guatemala tours including a number of destinations are ideal for those who may feel a bit uneasy when it comes to the safety of Guatemala travel. For extra peace of mind, you can look for a Guatemala tour that includes pick-up at the airport when you arrive. Often times as well, an escorted Guatemala tour can save travelers a considerable amount of money, with deals you might not get while traveling independently.



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