Lake Atitlan Hotels

Staying at one of the Lake Atitlan hotels for a night or more is something that many Guatemala visitors have in mind. One of the reasons why these hotels are so popular is the beauty of the area. There are also enticing activity options to take advantage of. Among other things, visitors to the Lake Atitlan area can look to do some boating, fishing, hiking, and rapelling.

Several towns can be found along the shores of Lake Atitlan. As far as tourism is concerned, the largest town of Panajachel is the main hub. In fact, no other destination in the country is as geared towards tourism as Panajachel, and it is definitely the place to start when searching for Lake Atitlan hotels. Among the best Panajachel hotels is the Hotel Atitlan (pictured). It’s certainly among the most upscale. As for cheaper places to stay, the Hotel Regis is a good bet, as are the cheaper Hotel Utz Jay and the Posada de los Volcanes. These are just some of the hotels to consider, however, as Panajachel is home to a high number of good lodging establishments.

When searching for Lake Atitlan hotels, travelers will do well to also consider the hotels that are found in other villages. In Santiago Atitlan, for example, hotels such as the Hotel Bambu and the Hotel Posada de Santiago can make for wonderful area bases, and the Hotel Aaculaax provides a good lodging option in San Marcos la Laguna. For the backpacking crowd, there’s the La Iguana Perdida in Santa Cruz la Laguna. Travelers aren’t limited to hotels when trying to secure lodging near Lake Atitlan, however. Vacation rentals are in relatively good supply.



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