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In present-day America, the need, or desire, to develop an understanding of the Spanish language is greater than ever. The North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA) and an ever-growing Latino population have encouraged the overall importance of the Spanish language in the United States. While studying the Spanish language at home is a good way to brush up on the basics and develop important language skills, there is really no replacement for the value of taking Spanish language lessons in a Spanish-speaking country. When studying Spanish in countries where it is the official language, Spanish language lessons are not limited to the classroom. Everywhere you go, the chance to practice is at hand. Going about everyday life in a Spanish speaking country affords real-life lessons that directly reinforce your Spanish language skills. Guatemala is among the more popular countries in the Americas for Spanish language schools, due to its relatively low cost, its stunning highland scenery, and its proximity to the United States. Throw in the fact that Guatemala’s rich indigenous culture sets it apart from many other Central American countries, and you have the recipe for an ideal place to take Spanish language lessons.

A Guatemala language school can be found at virtually every popular tourist destination in the country. Often times, visitors looking for a Guatemala language school opt for programs that place them with a native family. Mixing a Guatemala language school experience with the homestay option means that you are more heavily surrounded by Spanish throughout the day. If your interests in language extend to Mayan dialects as well, you can opt for a Guatemala language school that features lessons in both the Mayan and Spanish languages. Finding the right Guatemala language school for your wants and needs is facilitated by the shear number of Spanish language schools throughout the country. While some students prefer more urban environments, others find more value in finding a Guatemala language school off the beaten path. At various Guatemala language schools, Spanish lessons are not the only thing offered, as some programs also offer latin dance lessons and Guatemalan cooking classes. You can even choose to supplement your Guatemala Spanish language lessons with volunteer programs that have you lending a hand in indigenous communities, hospitals, schools and orphanages.

Antigua is perhaps the most popular Guatemala destination for those looking for quality Spanish language schools in Guatemala. The city’s warm people, colorful atmosphere, cobblestone streets and strong colonial influence draw in hordes of Spanish language students, as well as common tourists. Boasting over 75 quality language schools, Antigua is replete with options, and the nearby attractions of Lake Atitlan and the Pacaya volcano serve to make studying Spanish in Antigua all the more attractive. Guatemala’s second largest city of Quetzaltenango, also known as Xela, is growing in popularity as a prime spot for Spanish language lessons as well, boasting many quality schools of its own. As with many of the programs in Antigua and throughout Guatemala, Spanish language lessons in Quetzaltenango are often supplemented with excursions. A popular excursion near Quetzaltenango and Antigua has students dropping in on the somewhat chaotic Thursday and Sunday market at Chichicastenango. Several United States colleges and universities offer semesters abroad in Guatemala, where staying with local families is often the norm. Spanish language lessons are also becoming more popular with young children, as many academics report positive mental developments among children who study a foreign language. If you would like your child to start studying Spanish now, you can even find a Guatemala language school offering children’s Spanish lessons.

Spanish language lessons are quite affordable in Guatemala and can be arranged for virtually any length of time. Whether you have just a couple of days to study Spanish in Guatemala or can dedicate months to your language learning cause, there is a Guatemala language school that can meet your needs. While your “tuition” may depend on the level of classes you are taking, you can generally find Spanish language schools that offer programs for as little as $80 a week. Many of these Spanish language schools provide access to the internet and email, meaning you can stay in touch with your affairs at home while enjoying your Guatemalan experience. Many of these schools, while offering one-on-one lessons, can also facilitate small groups, meaning you and a group of friends can share in this wonderful experience. At the end of the day, you will be surprised at how much Spanish you can learn at a Guatemala language school, not to mention amazed at how much confidence you will gain applying your new language skills.

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