Flights to Honduras

Multiple airlines now offer flights to Honduras from destinations around the world. Prices and schedules vary depending on when you visit. Peak tourist season is roughly February through June, so discount tickets to Honduras are often available in off months. At any time of year, prices for weekend flights are generally more expensive. Look to fly between Monday and Wednesday for Honduras cheap air fare.

There are three main airports where most international flights to Honduras arrive. The airports at the capital Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are the busiest and the best bets for finding Honduras cheap air fare from Europe or North America. Both destinations are good bets for visitors looking to explore the rain forests and landmarks of the interior. San Pedro Sula is the closest major airport to the ruins at Copan and to the Atlantic Coast. Several major American airlines offer flights to Honduras arriving in San Pedro Sula: American Airlines, Delta, and Continental Airlines, among others. Air France is the largest European airline with discount tickets to Honduras.

There is also a major airport at Roatan, recommended for visitors to the Bay Islands and people who want to come to Honduras for the diving opportunities. Flights to Honduras arriving in Roatan leave from several American cities, including Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. Visitors from Europe should travel through the United States or look for Honduras flights to a mainland airport.

As with most destinations, the best bet for finding discount tickets to Honduras is by using an Internet search site or consulting a travel agent consolidation service. Honduras cheap air fare is also a good way to explore the country. Several small airlines fly between major cities and even some small towns on the Mosquito Coast have their own airports.

Flights out of Honduras must be confirmed before you leave. This can be done at the airport when you arrive or from most hotels for a small fee. Custom officials often charge a small fee to enter the country.

An increasingly popular way to visit Honduras is by cruise ship, with several lines now stopping at sites in the Bay Islands. For most people though, an enjoyable Honduras vacation begins with by searching for flights to Honduras.

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