Choluteca Honduras

Choluteca Honduras is the fourth largest city in the country, and the largest in the region around the Pacific Coast. Travelers largely ignore Southern Honduras. Most prefer the diving off Roatan and the other Bay Islands, the beaches at Tela and elsewhere on the Atlantic, or a visit to the Mayan site of Copan for a glimpse in the history of Honduras. Some travelers may fly into the capital of Tegucigalpa, but few make it further south.

Those who do make it to Choluteca Honduras will be rewarded, not necessarily by luxurious accommodation or tourist attractions, but by the thrill of seeing places that few foreigners visit. Choluteca is a stop on the Pan-American highway, which runs from Chili all the way to the U.S.-Mexican border (and arguably up through the United States and Canada into Alaska).

From Choluteca hotels Honduras it is easy to explore the Golfo de Fonseca, which has some beautiful beaches, islands, and forests. Business or other up-scale visitors to Choluteca Honduras will want to stay in Riviera Choluteca Hotel, an attractive building on the Boulevard Enrique Weddle. This Choluteca hotel is about 25 minutes from the Parque Central. Other Choluteca Hotels Honduras are closer to the central park. The Bansai hotel has air-conditioned rooms (a must in the sweltering climate of southern Honduras) a block from the park for less than $20 a night.

The best shopping area in Choluteca Honduras is the Mercado Viejo San Antonio (old market), a large market in the center of town. The cheap Santa Rosa Coluteca Hotel and the longstanding Hotel Central are both a few blocks from the market.

Choluteca is most famous in Latin America as the birthplace of Jose Cecillo del Valle, founder of the Federal Republic of Central America, a short lived federation in the history of Honduras that comprised Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. The republic lasted from 1823 to 1838, when the states became independent nations. Del Valle drafted the republic's constitution, which included the abolition of slavery. His former residence on the southwest corner of the Parque Central is now the Choluteca public library.

From Choluteca hotels Honduras, take some day trips to surrounding towns. El Corpus is a quaint town about 12 miles from Choluteca Honduras. The streets are mostly cobblestone and some good hikes leave from the town into the surrounding mountains. San Marcos de Colon is a well-preserved colonial town near the Nicaraguan border. Cedeno is the nearest beach town, although the Pacific coast is a disappointment if you a used to the Honduras beaches on the north shore. For the best Pacific beaches in Honduras, head to Ampala or on the isle del Tigre.

Another site worth a visit from Choluteca Honduras is Ojochal Wildlife Preserve. Unlike the forests of northern Honduras, this place of natural beauty receives few foreign visitors. It's best to hire a guide in the small town of Duyusopo if you want to see the tropical forest and local wildlife, including unique white-faced monkeys.

Choluteca Honduras is never likely to become a big international tourist destination, but that is part of its charm.

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