Copan City

Copan City, or Copan Ruinas, as it is officially known, is a destination that many people understandably look to add to their Honduras vacation itineraries. Found in the extreme western part of the country less than 10 miles from the border of Guatamala, this small city lies near one of the most renowned Maya ceremonial sites in Mesoamerica – Copan. Copan City also offers proximity to beautiful forests, which present area visitors with an array of adventure-tourism possibilities. When Copan Ruinas visitors aren’t exploring the nearby ruins or engaging in adventurous pursuits in the surrounding forests and mountains, they can find other ways to stay busy. One option is to take Spanish classes at one of the town’s small language schools. There are even Copan City travel packages that include Spanish classes, meals, and accommodations with a local family.

Copan City Attractions

The Copan ruins are undoubtedly the main attraction in Copan City. Hence the city’s official name of Copan Ruinas. Found just a mile from town, the famous ruins are best known for their stone-carved hieroglyphics, their stunning Hieroglyphic Stairway, and their massive stelae. After enjoying the nearby ruins, Copan City visitors can indulge in the various other attractions that are found in and around town. Among these attractions is the Copan Museum, which displays artifacts from the ruins and is situated right in the town’s central plaza. There is also a museum back at the site of the Copan ruins. It is known as the Copan Mayan Museum. It’s up to you if you want to visit both. Other ideas for things to do while in Copan City include horseback riding at the smaller ceremonial site of Los Sapos, cruising along canopy zip lines in the forest, visiting the Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Natural Reserve, and venturing out to Luna Jaguar Aguas Termales to soak in the natural hot springs.

Copan Honduras Restaurants

Copan Honduras Restaurants
Copan Honduras Restaurants

When hunger sets in during your visit to Copan City, you can choose from a satisfying array of restaurants. As you might expect, many of the local eateries offer Latin American cuisine. Others offer international fare should you fancy something like a juicy steak or a cheesy pizza. Vegetarians should know that several restaurants serve vegetarian dishes. On the whole, the prices at the Copan restaurants are very reasonable. This is pretty much true of the restaurants in Honduras in general. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to book a Copan City travel package that includes Spanish classes, accommodations, and meals. This is worth keeping in mind when trying to figure out where and what to eat when planning a visit. Also, the local hotels tend to have dining facilities, so depending on where you stay, you might conveniently have an onsite eatery at your disposal.

Copan Honduras Luxury Hotels

Copan Honduras Luxury Hotels
Copan Honduras Luxury Hotels

If you book a stay at one of the more luxurious Copan Honduras hotels, you can essentially be assured that dining options will be right at hand. Breakfast might even be included in the rates. Among the most comfortable hotels in and around town are the Clarion Copan Ruinas, the Terramaya, and the Hotel Marina Copan. If you’re looking for more good lodging recommendations, the Hotel Casa Gabriela and the Yat B’alam are also excellent choices. It is important to note that none of these hotels are five star establishments. You simply won’t find those in Copan. These hotels offer plenty in the way of comfort and convenience, however, and they should more than suffice. Many even have tour desks, so you won’t have to stress about arranging fun activities when you stay at one.

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