Copan Museum

The Copan Museum is one of two museums that visitors to Copan City (Copan Ruinas) will want to keep in mind. The other is the Museum of Maya Sculpture. You can find the Copan Museum right in town on the central plaza. It is known locally as the Museo Regional de Arqueologia. The Museum of Maya Sculpture can be found at the nearby site of the Copan ruins just across from the entrance and within a few hundred yards of the small visitor center.

The Museo Regional de Arqueologia, or the Copan Museum, features a small collection of pottery and various other artifacts from the nearby ruins. Visitors can also enjoy a series of interpretive and explanatory displays. One of the best exhibits at the Copan Museum is the complete burial niche of an ancient scribe. It takes about 45 minutes to tour all of the exhibits at the Copan Museum, and the admission price is low. Dropping in for a look around is certainly encouraged when looking for things to do in Copan City.

If you only have time for one of the Copan museums, then you should arguably choose to visit the Museum of Maya Sculpture. As mentioned, this museum can be found at the site of the famous Copan ruins. Its purpose is to protect some of the more impressive pieces that have come from these ruins. Among these pieces are impressive stone carvings and hieroglyphics that depict such things as gods, human figures, animals, crops, and flowers. Other highlights include a full-scale replica of the Rosalia Temple and a reconstructed facade of one of the site’s ball courts. The actual Rosalia Temple, it should be noted, can be seen while touring the ruins themselves. It is well-preserved and lies within the core of Temple 16. As is true of the in-town museum, the museum at the site of the Copan ruins charges an admission fee that is more than reasonable.

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