Copan Ruins Honduras

Copan Ruins Honduras tours are something that each and every Honduras visitor should consider adding to their itinerary. The allure of these tours lies in the fact that the ancient city of Copan is one of the best preserved Maya ceremonial sites. Awaiting visitors are such things as stone-carved hieroglyphics and massive stelae. Insight into the ruins and Mayan civilization on the whole can be obtained at the resident museum, which is known as the Museum of Mayan Sculpture. Serving as a complement to this museum is the Copan Museum, which is found in nearby Copan City. Copan Ruins Honduras tours can be arranged as part of Honduras travel packages. It is also possible to arrange them separately in Copan City, and bilingual guides can be hired at the ruins themselves.

East Court Copan

The East Court of the Copan Ruins is an area of prime interest. The original plaza of the ancient Maya city of Copan, it is framed by some of the most important Copan attractions. Another interesting facet of the East Court of Copan are the tombs that were found underneath its floor in the 1990s. These are the tombs of the city’s founder, Yax K’uk’Mo’, and his wife. Later generations venerated Yax K’uk’Mo’ and his wife, believing them to be semi-divine.

East Court Structures & Temples

Bordering the Copan Ruins Honduras East Court area are two major temples – Temple 22 and Temple 16. Another notable feature is Structure 22 A. Temple 22 is regarded as one of the finest of all Maya architectural expressions. While time and the elements have taken their tolls on the building, visitors can imagine its former glory with the help of remaining sculptures and the various pieces that are found lying on the grass at the temple’s feet. Temple 16 is a temple pyramid and the highest part of the Acropolis. Situated between the East and West Courts, it is built over former structures, including the well-preserved Rosalia Temple. From the Jaguar Plaza at the East Court, you can access a tunnel that leads to the Rosalia Temple. Added fees apply if you wish to access this and the other tunnels. A full-scale replica of the Rosalia Temple, it should be noted, can be found inside the museum at the Copan Ruins. As for Structure 22 A, it was a major meeting place for high ranking officials.

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