Honduras Beaches

The beaches of Honduras are not as well known as those in neighboring Costa Rica or Belize, but with 400 miles of Caribbean coast and another 80 miles of Pacific coast plus several outlying islands, Honduras is a great choice for a beach vacation.

The best places for a Honduras beach vacation are the Bay Islands off the north coast. The Bay Islands are best known for their wonderful diving sites. They are surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and sea kayaking are popular things to do on a Honduras beach vacation to the Bay Islands.

The largest Bay Island, Roatan Island has many gorgeous and secluded Honduras beaches on its northern shores. The three-mile beach at West Bay is one of the prettiest of all Honduras beaches. There are several resorts and hotels along the West Bay beach, great places for a Honduras beach vacation.

Utila Island has a manmade beach in its main town and several natural white sand beaches along its coast. Beachfront accommodation on Utila Island is generally less expensive than on the other Bay Islands. With hostel beds available for $10 a night or less, Utila is a great place for an inexpensive Honduras beach vacation.

Guanaja Island is the least visited of the three main Bay Islands. It is hard to get to, but the many gorgeous Honduras beaches make it worth the effort. Guanaja feels off the beaten track, it has some of the nicest beaches of Honduras and they are rarely crowded. Costs for accommodation are higher on Guanaja than elsewhere in Honduras, but the small beach resorts feel like they are taken right from a travel commercial.

On the mainland, the best Honduras beaches are near the town of Tela at the Jeanette Kawas National Park. White sand beaches also stretch around the town of Tela itself. The beach next to Tela Veija (the old town) is sometimes crowded, but it is a great place for people watching and has an inescapably fun energy.

The Garifuna people inhabit many of the communities along Honduras' Atlantic coast and in the Bay Islands. Garifuna beach towns display a unique native culture that traces its history back to African slaves and Caribbean islanders who were exiled to Honduras in the late eighteenth century. The Garifuna town of Puerto Cortes hosts an annual Garifuna festival in July. Because it is close to San Pedro Sula and other major cities, Puerto Cortes is the most popular beach town with Hondurans.

With its laid-back way of life and inexpensive costs, Honduras makes a great place for a beach vacation. The best Honduras beaches in the Bay Islands and on the north coast are as good as any in Central America.

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