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Today over a third of foreign visitors to Roatan Honduras come to the island on Central America cruises. Honduras cruises leave from several destinations in the United States, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston port, and New Orleans. From Europe, several Central America cruises stop off in Roatan.

Roatan Honduras cruises are a relatively recent phenomenon. Before the mid-1990s, and for several years after the 1998 devastation of Hurricane Mitch, Central America cruises generally bypassed Honduras' Bay Islands. Thankfully for passengers, Honduras cruises are now common, but Roatan remains an unspoiled island paradise, perfect for a day's exploration.

Several companies offer Roatan Honduras cruises. Carnival cruise line offers a 7-day western Caribbean cruise that leaving from Miami that makes stops in Belize, the Cayman Islands, and Costa Maya in addition to Roatan. Norwegian Cruises has 7-day Central America cruises from Miami and New Orleans. Holland America and Seabourn offer longer trips that include visits to Roatan.

There are many things to do on a Roatan cruise vacation. Most cruise lines offer whirlwind Honduras tours, but independent passengers on Roatan Honduras cruises will find much to do on their own.

Scuba diving is one popular activity on a Roatan cruise vacation. Roatan is one of the world's best sites for diving. The island, the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands, is surrounded by the second longest living coral reef on earth. If you do not have time to get out for a scuba dive or do not have scuba certification, consider snorkeling in the waters around Roatan. Many hotels and dive shops rent snorkeling equipment.

Relaxing on the beaches in another popular activity on a Roatan cruise vacation. Cruise lines will often have an agreement with a hotel that gives passengers on Roatan Honduras cruises access to a private beach. It is sometimes worth finding another hotel down the coast, as the affiliated beach can get crowded with cruise passengers while a neighboring beach remains relatively empty. Some hotels charge a $10 fee to use their private beach, but it is often well worth it. Hotels often rent jet skis, sea kayaks, and dive gear.

Roatan Island is fairly small: about 35 miles long and 3 miles wide. Consider renting a motorcycle or moped and exploring the small island as part of your Roatan cruise vacation. The main road goes through some interesting communities inhabited by the local Garifuna people, descendents of African slaves and Carib Indians exiled to Roatan by the British in 1797 from the island of St. Vincent.

Choosing a Honduras cruise takes you to one of the most charming islands in the Caribbean. With so much to do, or the opportunity to just relax on a quiet beach, a Roatan cruise vacation is sure to be a satisfying experience.

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