Honduras Hostels

Honduras was a latecomer to the tourism industry, but there is now has a good infrastructure of Honduras accommodations. Because it is a relatively poor Central American country, Honduras accommodations are quite inexpensive. In most cities, it is possible to find Honduras hostels for as little as $10 a night or even less.

One of the best things about staying in Honduras hostels is the people you meet. Honduras is a popular destination for backpackers across the world, so if you are traveling alone to Honduras hostels are a good place to meet other travelers.

In Honduras cheap lodging is not hard to come by; there are good Honduras hostels almost everywhere in the country. The capital city of Tegucigalpa, where many flights to the country arrive, has several good Honduras hostels. Grasshopper hostel, near the international airport, is a clean, reliable place for Honduras cheap lodging.

San Pedro Sula, another popular destination for international flights, has one of the best hostels Honduras has to offer. Tamarindo hostel has dorm bed for about $10 a night. The whole place has a laid-back, funky feel; the staff are friendly and hip; and the rooms are well-kempt.

There are also a couple hostels in La Ceiba, a northern Honduras city that is a gateway to many of the best things to do in the country: eco-tours in the Mosquito Coast or diving in the Bay Islands. Banana Republic Guesthouse is run by Jungle Tour Company, which will arrange trips into the backcountry as well as Honduras accommodations.

Prices on Roatan and Utila islands are generally higher than on the mainland, but it is possible to find Honduras cheap lodging on the Bay Islands too. West End is the best part of Roatan for Honduras hostels, with numerous places offering beds for less than $10 a nights. Some hostels on Roatan have communal kitchens, so it is possible to enjoy weeks on the best beaches in Honduras without spending a lot of money.

Some of the best hostels Honduras has are on Utila Island, a backpacking Mecca. It is easy to find some cheap Honduras accommodations just by walking around Utila Town. Many diving schools offer free beds if you sign up for a multi-day diving class.

If you want to visit the Mosquito Coast, there is good Honduras cheap lodging in eco lodges. A highly recommended place is Raista Eco Lodge in Rais Ta. You can arrange trips into Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve with the staff of the lodge. A bedroom with a shared bathroom is about $10 a night.

If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive vacation staying in hostels Honduras is a good place to consider. Amenities are simple, but the guests are often friendly.

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