Honduras Resorts

With miles of white sand beaches, lots of fun activities, and a relaxed way of life, Honduras is a great place for a lazy beach vacation. All inclusive resorts in Honduras are a perfect choice if you want to getaway in comfort and style.

All inclusive resorts in Honduras provide beach access, meals, and drinks (to a limit) with the cost of accommodation. Honduras resorts will often also include discounts on popular activities such as adventure travel, diving, or sea kayak rental. They are a great option for families with children or anyone else who wants an easy, self-contained vacation experience.

The best all inclusive resorts in Honduras are on the Bay Islands. The famous End of the World Resort on Guanaja Island has its own diving school and pristine beach. Seven-day packages are available for less than $1000 that include scuba courses, fishing trips, and kayak rental. The bar is a classic Caribbean cabana right on the beach. The entire resort feels like it is truly at the End of the World, far away from the stresses of modern life.

Bananarama on Roatan Island is a longstanding favorite among travelers. The beachfront resort has one of the best diving schools on the island. Bananarama also has snorkeling equipment available for those who want to experience the crystal clear waters and living coral reef without donning all the scuba gear. The resort's fleet of flat-bottomed boats and fishing yachts provide even more activities for an island vacation. Fantasy Island Beach Resort and Los Rocas are other good choices on Roatan.

On the Honduran mainland, La Ceiba Honduras resorts provide lodging in the country's most lively and friendly city. La Ceiba Honduras resorts are the place to stay if you want to do some adventure travel in Honduras. Tour companies in La Ceiba offer trips into the rainforests, white water rafting, mountain biking, and canopy tours. The best La Ceiba Honduras resorts are the eco lodges on the outskirts of town: Omega Lodge and the Lodge at Pico Bonito are some top La Ceiba hotels.

The peak time for Honduras travel is in early spring, after the raining season but before the summer. Prices may be reduced for fall stays in all inclusive resorts in Honduras. Many internet sites and travel agents will offer deals combining flights and accommodation in Honduras resorts.

Choosing the right hotel is a key part of having an enjoyable Honduras vacation. Staying in all inclusive resorts in Honduras can alleviate much of the worry about finding the right lodging.

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