Honduras Vacations

Although Honduras is a small country, smaller than most U.S. states, it is home to many different climates, cultures, and geographic regions, ranging from the swampy south, to the high altitude cloud forests in the center, to the Caribbean-like Bay Islands to the north. Picking a Honduran vacation to suit your desires depends on choosing the right areas to visit and choosing the right attractions to see.

Many visitors choose to take a Honduras beach vacation. The best places for a Honduras beach vacation are the towns in the northeast of the mainland or the outlying Bay Islands. Honduras does have a south coast on the Pacific Ocean, but the shoreline is mostly mangrove forest - great for shrimp farmers by bad for beachcombers.

Honduras Vacations
Honduras Vacations

Puerto Cortes, on the north coast, is a good city for a Honduras beach vacation. This is where native Hondurans come to relax on weekends and holidays. Baja Mar, to the east of Puerto Cortes, hosts an annual Garifuna festival from July 9 through 24. This unique Honduras event is a great chance to see real Honduran culture.

Jeanette Kawas National Park, just east of Tela, has some of the nicest white sand beaches on the mainland. This is a good option if you are taking a Honduras vacation to see the Mayan site of Copan or the rainforests of the interior but still want to spend some time relaxing on the beach.

The Bay Islands are by far the best places for a Honduras beach vacation. Roatan, the largest of the three main islands, is a popular stop-off for Caribbean cruises and first choice for a Honduras scuba vacation. In addition to the large, uncrowded beaches, Roatan is surrounded by a rich living coral reef. Dive prices on Roatan are less expensive than almost anywhere in the world, so a Honduras scuba vacation does not have to break the bank. Fun dives can cost as little as $25 and some dive shops have free beds if you are diving with them.

Utila Island to the west of Roatan is the preferred site for young people on a Honduras scuba vacation. Prices for diving and accommodation are even cheaper than on Roatan, and Utila town, the main settlement, has a great youthful, laid-back feel.

Of the three main Bay Islands, Guanaja to the east is the least developed (there are less than ten cars on the whole island). What it lacks in development it makes up for in charm. The beachfront resorts here are some of the best in Central America. This is a good choice for all-inclusive Honduras beach vacation, when you want your only concern to be what sandals to wear and which iced drink to order.

Beginning a Honduras vacation is easier than ever. Some U.S. airlines now fly directly to Roatan. Others offer flights to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Look into booking a flight today and beginning your Honduras vacation as soon as possible.

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