Iglesia Virgen De Suyapa

The Iglesia Virgen de Suyapa is one of the most important churches in Honduras. This importance has a lot to do with the church’s role as the permanent home of the Virgen de Suyapa statue. Among other things, this statue is famous throughout the country for its healing powers. It depicts the Virgin Mary, who has long been the patron saint of Honduras, and in 1982, was named by papal decree as the patron saint of all of Central America.

The Virgen of Suyapa

The Virgen of Suyapa
The Virgen of Suyapa

The Virgen de Suyapa statue that is housed in the Iglesia Virgen de Suyapa was discovered in 1747. There are varying versions of how this statue was actually discovered, though the general consensus is that it was a laborer named Alejandro Colindres who miraculously happened upon the sacred object. After discovering the Virgen de Suyapa statue, Colindres took it home, where it was displayed on an altar for 20 years. In 1768, the statue was credited with its first recognized miracle. Public attention grew, and by 1777, the statue had been moved to its own chapel.

The Basilica of Suyapa

This Gothic cathedral was built in 1954 and can be found near the Iglesia de Suyapa in the Tegucigalpa suburb of Suyapa. While the Virgen de Suyapa statue has its permanent home in the Iglesia, it is brought to the Basilica for special events. An example of such an event is the Feria de la Virgen de Suyapa, which is observed every year on February 3 and during the week that surrounds this date. This festival is celebrated throughout Honduras and honors the statue. In Tegucigalpa, the affiliated processions and festivities center around the Basilica.

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