La Ceiba Honduras

La Ceiba Honduras is the third largest city in the Central American country, but it is certainly its liveliest. Each year, the La Ceiba carnaval entertains thousands of visitors. At other times, the streets are alive with Latin music or travelers bound for eco-tourism destinations in the surrounding countryside.

La Ceiba

La Ceiba

The best time to come to the city is during the La Ceiba carnaval. La Ceiba Honduras is a party town at other times of the year, but it truly comes alive for the weekend of La Feria de San Isidro. The largest and most popular of all Honduras events, La Ceiba carnaval officially takes place the third Saturday in May, but celebrations begin days and even a week in advance. Bars and clubs are packed to capacity, there are live music and cultural events during the day, and revelers continue partying until late into the night. The highlight is a huge parade down the main boulevard, Avenue San Isidro, on the Saturday.

La Ceiba Honduras is a convenient place from which to launch many types of Honduras vacations. For Honduras beaches, you can get a La Ceiba Honduras car rental and head along the coast to the Mosquito Coast or take a plane from the La Cieba airport to Roatan or the other Bay Islands. Ferries also take passengers to the best diving spots in the Bay Islands. Visitors coming to Honduras for its many outdoors activities will find that La Ceiba makes a good base.


La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba airport does not have flights to/from the United States. Connecting flights are available to La Ceiba airport from the Bay Islands, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa.

While you are in La Ceiba Honduras, be sure to visit the beautiful Parque Swinford. Laid out by the Standard Fruit Company, this gorgeous urban park - the best in Honduras - harks back to the height of the banana industry, with pretty palm trees, bronze sculptures, and well-manicured gardens.

Another interesting attraction in La Ceiba is the Museum of Butterflies and Insects, which displays over 10,000 specimens from Honduras and around the world. This unique museum is well worth a visit; it is open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

After you have spent some time walking around the city, get a La Ceiba Honduras car rental and explore the surrounding area. Some of the best hotels in the area are the eco lodges outside of town. (The options in town are less stellar.) From these, you can visit Pico Bonito National Park and enjoy the excellent white water rafting, canoeing, and kayaking on the Rio Cangrejal or go biking or hiking in the jungles of the park. Rain forest tours are available from La Ceiba or the surrounding lodges.

The La Ceiba beaches are not as good as those on the Mosquito Coast or Roatan Island, but they are worth a visit if you have several days in the area and a La Ceiba Honduras car rental. The best is probably the Playa de Peru, 10 miles east of town.

Whether you come for the La Ceiba carnaval or a trip down the Rio Cangrejal, La Ceiba makes a great base on any Honduras vacation. As with cities everywhere in Central America and other developing nations, it is important to be aware of your security and safety. Petty theft and pickpocketing are concerns everywhere - use your common sense with your purse, wallet, camera, and other valueables. Night in the city has some more security issues. It's not a good idea to walk the streets alone at night - best to travel with at least one other person; this is also true of beaches after dark. Also, be wary of local people trying to entice you into bars or other places. Unless you know the person, it is best to simply continue on your way.   

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