La Ceiba Hotels

La Ceiba has some of the best nightlife in Honduras and makes a good base for outdoor pursuits in Honduras. Except during carnaval, finding a La Ceiba Honduras hotel is easy.

La Ceiba hotels range from simple budget to the finest La Ceiba Honduras resorts. There are some relatively nice La Ceiba hotels in the town itself, but the best accommodation is outside the city.

At the high end of La Ceiba Honduras resorts is the Lodge at Pico Bonito, an internationally rated luxury hotel in the heart of a natural forest. Pico Bonito Lodge offers all the amenities of a modern hotel, but the private cabins are situated in the heart of nature. Private hiking trails, butterfly and reptile observatories, and an observation tower with great views over the surrounding forest make a stay at this La Ceiba Honduras hotel a stay to remember.

The best of all La Ceiba Honduras resorts is Las Cascades Lodge, situated on the white waters of the Rio Cangrejal, beside three rushing waterfalls. Rooms are limited, so be sure to book well in advance.

For budget travelers looking for a hotel La Ceiba Honduras offers several options. Several lodges outside town offer cheap rooms. Omega Jungle Lodge has shared rooms for less than $20 a person per night or cabins for between $30 and $80 a night. This La Ceiba Honduras hotel is a great base for outdoors adventures in Honduras.

From La Ceiba, Jungle River Tours offers canopy tours, hiking, and mountain bike trips. If you sign up for one of these tours, you can stay for free at the Jungle River Lodge. Buses to the lodge leave from the main bus terminal from town. (Take the Yaruca bus.)

La Ceiba Beach Hotels
La Ceiba Beach Hotels

If you are looking for an urban hotel La Ceiba Honduras has some good choices. The best are the longstanding Gran Hotel Paris and the newer Quinta real. The Gran Hotel Paris has a great park-from location on the Parque Central. La Ceiba beach hotels are also an option, if you're interested in having easy access to some warm Caribbean water.

Budget La Ceiba hotels are easy to come by. The Banana Republic Guesthouse is a basic hostel run by Jungle River Tours; it's cheap but on the outskirts of town. For an affordable downtown hotel La Ceiba Hoduras visitors may want to book into one of the digs on the main Avenue San Isidro: Hotel Iberia, Hotel Caribe, and Hotel Ceiba are all good bets.

Needless to say, all La Ceiba hotels fill up fast around carnaval time (mid-late May). Finding a La Ceiba Honduras hotel at other times is not a problem, but the best bet is to book in advance into one of the lodges near the Pico Bonito National Park.

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