Museo Para La Identidad Nacional

The Museo Para La Identidad Nacional, Museum of National Identity, opened in 2006 in Tegucigalpa and has been a top Honduras attraction ever since. Occupying the former Palace of Ministries building, which is worth seeing in and of itself, the museum’s aim is to foster national pride and understanding. Among other things, the permanent exhibits at the Museo Para La Identidad Nacional display great works by Honduran artists and offer insight into the history of the country, from its Pre-Columbian days to the modern era. While the country of Honduras is the main focus, the museum also hosts temporary international expositions that can also be of great interest.

At the Museo Para La Identidad Nacional, you can learn about the geological history of Honduras via such exhibits as the Omni-Globe, and there are plenty of artifacts on hand to help tell the story of the Honduran people. You’ll learn about the country’s Pre-Columbian people, the Maya civilization, the colonial era, and so much more. Among the very best exhibits is Virtual Copan. An animated film, it shows four times a day and takes visitors on a virtual tour of the famous ruins of Copan. Parts of the film provide insight into how the ancient Mayan city was built. Because of the overall quality of the Museo Para La Identidad Nacional and its ability to provide a comprehensive look at its home country, it is arguably the best place to begin a Honduras vacation.

The Museo Para La Identidad Nacional can be found in the Barrio Abajo area of Tegucigalpa on Avenida Barahona between Calle Morelos and El Telegrafo. It is open Tuesday through Sunday during the daytime hours. It should be noted that visitors are not allowed to take pictures of the various exhibit pieces. It is allowed, however, to photograph the building and its patios and halls.

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