National Art Museum

The National Art Museum of Honduras is the country’s most important art museum. Known locally as the Galeria Nacional de Arte, it features well-planned exhibits that have both Spanish and English labels. The exhibits are set up chronologically according to when their pieces were created, so visitors can easily get an understanding of how Honduran art changed over time. You can find the National Art Museum of Honduras in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. It sits on the Plaza de la Merced, and like most of the Tegucigalpa attractions, it is within close proximity of the Plaza Morazan – the heart of the city.

Historic Building

The building that houses the Galeria Nacional de Arte dates from 1654. Originally, it was a convent for the nuns of the Order of Nuestra Senora de Merced. Subsequent to that, the building was home to the Universidad Nacional. Restored in 1994, its architectural style is Spanish Colonial.

Paleolithic Cave Paintings and Sculptures

This is the first exhibit that you will encounter at the National Art Museum of Honduras. It features stone sculptures from different parts of the country and life-size reproductions of cave wall paintings. The focus is on art from pre-Maya civilizations.

Pre-Columbian Stonework & Pottery

Pre-Columbian Stonework & Pottery
Pre-Columbian Stonework & Pottery

This second exhibit at the National Art Museum of Honduras displays pre-Columbian stone sculpture and pottery. Most of the pieces are from the ancient Maya culture and date back more than 1,000 years. Among the things on display are pots, vases, clay whistles, masks, and funerary artefacts.

Colonial Religious Paintings

This exhibit displays paintings that were done by either Honduran artists or artists from other parts of Central America. Once displayed in convents and churches, the paintings date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Among the most significant works are those that were done by Jose Miguel Gomez – the most renowned colonial painter of Honduras.


This exhibit, which is generally known as the Religious Art in Silver Section, displays a number of interesting silver pieces. Works of art made from silver were commonly used by the Catholic churches in Honduras, including the Cathedral of Tegucigalpa.

Contemporary Honduran Art

Contemporary Honduran Art
Contemporary Honduran Art

Found on the second level of the gallery, this last exhibit revolves around works of art that were created by Honduran artists in the 20th century. These artists include, among others, Jose Antonio Velazquez, Pablo Zeyara Sierra, Moises Becerra, and Benigno Gomez.

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