Hotels near Puerto Cortes Honduras

The hotels near Puerto Cortes Honduras and those that can be found in Puerto Cortes proper are rather popular among tourists. This has something to do with the fact that Puerto Cortes is a major seaport. It is also related to activity options that can be enjoyed in the area. These activities include spending time at the beach, attending annual events such as the Feria Juniana, visiting the Mayan site of Copan, and hopping on a boat that is bound for the Bay Islands.

Examples of hotels near Puerto Cortes Honduras are those hotels that are found in the city of San Pedro Sula. Visitors to the area might also consider the hotels in Tela. As for hotels that are found in Puerto Cortes proper, they include the Hotel Playa. Found on the beach, this hotel obviously provides excellent beach access, and guests also have access to a swimming pool and an air conditioned restaurant. As for the rooms, they include twelve relatively simple units, ten double rooms, and six cottages. Things such as a private bathroom, cable TV, a small refrigerator, air conditioning, and internet access figure among the standard in-room amenities, and continental breakfasts are included in the Hotel Playa rates.

Other hotels that visitors to the Puerto Cortes area are encouraged to consider are the Hotel Costa Azul, the Palmeras Beach Hotel, and the Coco Bay Resort. The Hotel Costa Azul might just be the best hotel in the area when it comes down to it, and both the Palmeras Beach Hotel and the Coco Bay Resort do well to keep their guests happy. As for one more lodging option to add to the mix, the nearby Caribbean Cliffs Marine Club can make for an excellent Puerto Cortes base. You can find this beach resort just minutes from town, and its rooms offer similar amenities to those that are available at the Hotel Playa.

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