Marble Hill Farms

Marble Hill Farms is a rustic eco-lodge that can be found on the beautiful Honduras island of Roatan. More specifically situated on the island’s east end, it is removed from the busier West End, and therein lies much of its allure. Overnight guests often come with the aim of escaping the real world, and the same can be said about many of the lodge’s day visitors. Also popular among visitors are the various water activities that can be enjoyed, and no discussion about Marble Hill Farms would be complete without also mentioning its homemade jams and lovely flower garden. Wildlife viewing is just one more thing that can be enjoyed during a Marble Hill Farms visit, with hummingbirds, iguanas, and lizards figuring among the various creatures that are commonly spotted around the grounds.


Yurt Panorama
Accommodations  Yurt Panorama

Marble Hills Farm guests have three types of accommodations to choose from. These accommodations include dorm style rooms with bunk beds and common bathrooms, cabin-style rooms in the woods, and cabin-style rooms along the water. The cabin-style rooms are often referred to as casitas, treehouses, and yurts and feature private bathrooms. The treehouse units are elevated from the ground and arguably offer the best views. They also feature kitchenettes, air conditioning, and large decks. Casitas that are located on the ground also feature such perks as a deck, air conditioning, and a small kitchen area. Since this Roatan dive resort is an eco-lodge, other in-room amenities are relatively low in number. The experience is meant to be one that brings guests closer to nature.


When booking a stay at Marble Hill Farms, prospective guests can look to add food and diving to the picture. This results in what is akin to an all-inclusive lodging experience. In relation to dining, the lodge’s restaurant specializes in both local Honduras cuisine and American food. For those who wish to add to their dining options while in the region, there are other restaurants within driving distance. Overnight guests who book a unit with kitchen facilities can also consider preparing their own snacks and meals. If nothing else, sampling the lodge’s homemade jams and jellies is recommended during a visit. It’s something that many travelers look to include in their Roatan vacation plans, even if they are staying at one of the island’s other lodging establishments.

Water Activities

Roatan is known for its excellent scuba diving. The island is also a great place to visit if you wish to go snorkeling on your Caribbean vacation. Found near Roatan is one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, and this is the main reason why the island is such a snorkeling and diving hot spot. As mentioned, guests of Marble Hill Farms can include diving in their lodging packages. The lodge boasts an onsite dive shop, and thanks to the rather remote location, divers and snorkelers alike can access various sites that are often missed by other Roatan visitors. PADI certified instructors and Dive Masters lead the Marble Hill Farms diving excursions, and guests who demonstrate the ability to dive independently can go that route as well. The lodge even offers to supply independent divers with equipment, maps, and site briefings. Sometimes, independent divers can also rent a dive boat with captain. Other water activities that can be enjoyed during a stay at Marble Hill Farms include fishing, kayaking, and kite boarding.



Whether you stay overnight at Marble Hill Farms or are just visiting on a day trip, there are two attractions, or activities, that should not be missed. These include sampling the lodge’s homemade jams and jellies and taking a walk through the property's lovely flower garden. Marble Hill Farms has been known for its jams and jellies since the early 1990s. Their number one selling jelly is hibiscus-flavored. Mutton pepper jam, guava butter jam, island plum jelly, and tamarind jelly are some of the other examples of culinary products that are produced onsite. Complementing the jams and jellies are a mango-based hot sauce, a seedy island mustard, and super fresh salsa. In the lodge’s garden, a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown for use in the production of food items. Hibiscus flowers are just one more feature, and there are plenty of Caribbean Sea views to savor on garden walks.

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