Oak Ridge

In Oak Ridge, on the Honduran island of Roatan, people travel by boat, foot, and highway—both the locals and visitors. The small fishing village on the eastern side of the Caribbean island offers an authentic taste of life on the Bay Islands. It has all of the island scenery, beaches, and laid-back atmosphere you’d expect for a small Caribbean town.

Oak Ridge is also an excellent place to begin a diving adventure under the surface, where the diversity of nature is on full display. As a small village, Oak Ridge is not stuffed with souvenir shops and multistory buildings on the beach. But that doesn’t mean that the town is so far off the beaten path, there’s no reason to go. It has everything you need to spend an afternoon, or an entire vacation, in this island paradise.

Wrapped around a harbor, Oak Ridge, located 40 minutes from Coxen Hole, has been attracting attention for a long time. At one point in its history, the town’s mangrove tunnels were a place of refuge for buccaneers on the run from the Spanish authorities. As the city grew more respectable, it became a center for fishing and boat building. It was declared the capital of Jose-Santos-Guardiola, the eastern region of Roatan. Many of the residents of Oak Ridge speak English, although you will find plenty of Spanish speakers throughout the town of cays, beaches, and rolling hills.

Oak Ridge is a small community, aand offers more seclusion and fewer tourists. Part of the reason is that there is really only one hotel, the Reff House Resort. Other places to stay ar primarily vacation rentals. The Reef House Resort, is low key and a favorite of divers and anyone who is looking for a warm welcome and a relaxing place to stay. Because there are so few tourists in this area, some visitors have reported seeing only one other dive boat during their entire stay. 

The same mangrove tunnels that once sheltered pirates are an exciting place to explore. Some of the local fishermen and boat captains can be hired for tours of this fascinating landscape. You’ll also find beaches where you can chill out and soak up the sun at the same time,cast a fishing line, or begin a Scuba diving adventure.


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