Roatan Beaches

The Roatan beaches, as is true of Roatan Island itself, have grown considerably in popularity in recent years. Part of their allure lies in the fact that world-class snorkeling and scuba diving can be enjoyed not far offshore. The Bay Islands all lie in the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world. Of course, swimming is always possible should you be looking for things to do at the Roatan beaches, and the warm Honduras sun provides excellent rays for those who wish to work on their tan.

Mahogany Bay & Mahogany Beach

Mahogany Bay & Mahogany Beach
Mahogany Bay & Mahogany Beach

There is a cruise terminal at Coxen Cove, so shore excursions of all descriptions are readily available. In 2009, Carnival Cruise Lines took over beautiful Mahogany Bay and created their exclusive cruise terminal capable of accommodating two large ships. There is an extensive complex in the bay with shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars. But it is Mahogany Beach, one of the finest on the island, that draws most visitors. If you like, you can fly to the beach in the "Magic Chair," that operates like a chair lift.

West End Beaches

West End Beaches
West End Beaches

The beaches of West End are the most popular, with West Bay Beach being one of the best. The advantage of West Bay Beach is its proximity to services, restaurants, and shops. Of all the Roatan beaches, none is arguably better than the beach at West Bay. In fact, West Bay beach is considered by many to be the best beach in Honduras, not to mention one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. This delightful strip of powdery white sand stretches for a mile and bumps up against turquoise-colored seas. Serving as a backdrop are numerous palm trees, and visitors should have little trouble finding a condo or a hotel room near the water. It should be noted that the West Bay beaches can get very crowded when cruise ships pull into port at Coxen Hole. Half Moon Bay is also a relative hot spot, and the beaches in Sandy Bay are starting to attract their fair share of visitors.

Other Beaches

Roatan Beaches
Roatan Beaches

As for those who are seeking out more secluded beaches, local taxi drivers often know where to go, so you might start there. The beaches on the northern coast are a bit more off the beaten path, as are those on the far eastern end of the island. About an hours from Coxen Hole is lovely Paya Bay, which often has very few visitors. Additionally, there are many beach resorts around the island, and these beaches are a bit more exclusive than those that are public. You can also rent private villas, giving you even more privacy.

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The Roatan beaches, as is true of Roatan Island itself, have grown considerab...

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