Roatan Dive Resorts

Roatan dive resorts have one major advantage over many of the other dive resorts that can be found in the Caribbean and beyond. This advantage is tied to location. Roatan is situated near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This reef is the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea and the second largest worldwide. Only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is larger. Those who stay at one of the Roatan dive resorts can easily arrange diving excursions that target the reef, and it doesn’t take very long to get to any number of world-class spots by way of boat. There are also opportunities at many of the Roatan dive resorts to engage in shore diving, with wonderful underwater realms lying just off many portions of the coast. Examples of high quality dive resorts in Roatan include the CoCo View Resort, Anthony’s Key Resort, the Infinity Bay Roatan Spa & Beach Resort, and Marble Hills Farm. Others are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Turquoise Bay

The Turquoise Bay Resort can be a good lodging fit for Roatan visitors who want to escape the island’s busier West End region. You can find Turquoise Bay on the quieter north-central coast of Roatan. Its location between the sea and acres of jungle helps to create a rather secluded atmosphere. This is actually the only dive resort that can be found in the area, and it isn’t only for divers. Guests enjoy access to a private 500-foot beach with delightfully soft white sand, and the hillside location of the resort affords glorious ocean views from many different vantage points. Other than diving, swimming and kayaking are among the most popular activities among Turquoise Bay guests. The protected bay with its relatively calm waters encourages such activities. Of course, there is nothing wrong with foregoing any form of strenuous activity in preference of relaxation. This is certainly a place where kicking back and soaking it all up can be rewarding.

Bananarama Dive Resort

Bananarama Dive Resort
Bananarama Dive Resort

Roatan visitors who are looking for a good dive resort on renowned West Bay Beach are encouraged to consider the Bananarama Dive Resort. Among the main perks that come with staying at this resort are the favorable rates and the privileged access that guests have to one of the island’s most respectable dive centers – the PADI five-star Gold Palm dive center. When a break from diving or snorkeling is in order, Bananarama guests can relax on the beach, ply the area waters in a kayak, or get something to eat or drink at one of the resort’s three restaurants. The list of ways to stay busy during a stay at the Bananarama Dive Resort doesn’t end there, and prospective guests should know that however they plan to spend their days, they can start things off with a free breakfast. As is true at other Roatan dive resorts, Bananarama guests can consider booking a lodging package that includes diving as well.

Fantasy Island

The Fantasy Island Beach Resort sits on a private, 21-acre island just off the south coast of Roatan and is one of the largest dive resorts around. Whereas many of the other Roatan dive resorts offer somewhere between 20 and 30 guest units, Fantasy Island boasts no less than 115. Complementing the casually comfortable guest units are numerous facilities, the likes of which include a major dive operation, a pool, and several bars and restaurants. Glorious beaches are also available to take advantage of. One main thing that the Fantasy Island Beach Resort has in common with other Roatan dive resorts is its offering of convenient lodging packages. Book a stay at this wonderful retreat, and such things as meals and diving will be covered in the upfront price. Guests are also treated to such things as free airport transfers and complimentary internet access.

Barefoot Cay

Barefoot Cay
Barefoot Cay

Many Caribbean destinations, such as Grand Cayman and Bonaire, offer more in the way of luxury accommodations than Roatan. That being said, luxury-minded travelers who are searching for a relatively upscale dive resort in Roatan have some options to consider. One such option is the Barefoot Cay Resort. Found on the south shore of the island, this boutique resort offers just nine guest units, so it is also one of the most tranquil and romantic Roatan dive resorts. The guest units come in the form of bungalows, villas, and oceanview lofts, and each is full of welcoming amenities. In relation to the Barefoot Cay facilities, highlights include a five-star dive center, a spa, and a restaurant that is open to guests only. Package deals that include meals are available, as are packages that include diving. Guests can also indulge in so many other delightful perks, and when it comes down to it, perhaps no other dive resort in Roatan blends comfort with convenience so masterfully.

Top image: Barefoot Cay
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