Roatan Hotels

Roatan hotels overlook tropical beaches on the Honduras island best known for its diving and dining scene. As you’d expect for a Caribbean island, these hotels offer easy access to beach along with a long list of amenities to go along with the views. Simply put, this travelers’ hotspot has some of the best hotels in Honduras. Roatan hotels range from basic budget accommodations to top-class luxury resorts, everything to suit your style and what’s in your wallet, ready to reserve in any season.

Luxury Resorts

Roatan Hotels & Luxury Resorts
Roatan Hotels & Luxury Resorts

A island paradise, Roatan is home to a host of resorts that help define luxury. Turquoise Bay (pictured), nestled on the north shore of the island, works to ensure each guest enjoys a vacation in the lap of luxury, going as far as providing valets for divers. After a day under the water, guests can find hammock by the pool, walk down to the beach, or relax at the gourmet restaurant that combines the flavors of the island with international cuisine. Another one of the favorite luxury hotels, Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort, also ensures that guests get the most out of their time in Roatan. Overlooking West Bay Beach, the resort is just 50 feet from the Caribbean Sea and one of its top diving spots in the island.

Dive Resorts

Hotels in Roatan
Bananarama Resort and Diving Center

Many Roatan hotels combine lodging and diving packages for people who come to experience some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Roatan visitors who like to plan ahead can book vacation packages that combine diving, all-inclusive accommodation, and transportation—a good bet for a worry-free Honduras vacation. The pioneer in diving vacations was the Bananarama Resort and Diving Center, located along the beach in the stylish and laid-backWest Bay Village. This Roatan resort has one of the best dive schools on the island to go along with some comfortable and stylish beach cabanas to rest after a day in the water.

Eco Lodges

Eco Lodges
Eco Lodges

Honduras is an eco-tourism hotspot, where people come to experience nature in its pristine state. Many of these vacationers find themselves at Marble Hill Farms (pictured). The design may be rustic, but the amenities are anything but simple. This luxury choice for Roatan hotels keeps the environment in mind as well as guest comfort. Guests can spend their days connecting with nature as they go diving, experience sea kayaking, and thrill to kiteboarding. Marble Hill also is home to some of the best dining on the island, demonstrated by its on-site restaurants and the jellies and jams made and tasted at the resort.

Budget Hotels

Most hotels in Roatan are clustered in the west coast of the 35-mile long island, the biggest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. West End, the largest town on Roatan Island, is full of dive shops, restaurants, and Roatan lodging options. Dorm-style accommodations are available at several of the West End’s budget lodging providers—charging less for a night’s stay than a casual lunch out. You still get a place to sleep, shower, and watch some satellite TV, but you only have to shell out a few dollars. If you’d like to step up from hostels, you will have no trouble finding budget-friendly inns with private rooms and baths.

Vacation Rentals

Because Roatan is a popular place for retirees and part-time residents, a lot of very fine houses are up for rent at some point in the year. The Roatan real estate scene is busy—many wonderful beach houses and stylish apartments can be rented by the week, often at a price that is comparable to what the hotel charges. You get the added benefits or more space and more privacy, many times just steps away from the beach.

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