Roatan Rum

Caribbean, rum is a signature drink, and Roatan is no exception. Most of the world’s supply of rum comes from these islands, and Roatan produces a small, yet choice, part of this supply.

In the era of pirates, Roatan was a hiding place for many a buccaneer who was trying to escape from the Spanish or English governments. Some hid among the mangrove tunnels of Oak Ridge, a perfect hiding place for their libations along with gold, jewels, and other treasure. Today rum is a Roatan tradition, served in cocktails, crafted into Roatan rum cake, and poured into bottles.

Roatan Rum Cake

For those not lucky enough to set foot on the islands of Honduras, they can still taste one of its specialties. Many Roatan visitors return home with arms full of Roatan rum cake to share with their friends after their Honduras vacations.

For years, the Roatan Rum Cake Company has been crafting these sweet treats. The recipe is rather simple, free of fillers or strange chemicals. Each Roatan rum cake combines Caribbean rum, aged 15 years in oak barrels, along with cane sugar, flour, whole milk and butter. When heat is added, the ingredients blend into a tasty treat you won’t soon forget. It’s a staple of the Roatan dining scene for good reason.

Other Products

While baked into a cake is the island’s main specialty, it’s just the beginning of ways the spirit is enjoyed. Many enjoy the drink poured into their glass; some choose it neat or mixed with other alcohols. The drinks seem to taste better when overlooking one of the beaches when the weather is just right. Roatan rum is also turned into buttery toffee, toppings for ice cream, and even hot sauce. The island’s artisan chefs are really creative with the island’s signature spirit.

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