Water Taxi

Due to the popularity of the island’s West End, the water taxi from West End to West Bay is one of the most popular routes on the island of Roatan, Honduras. These boats often carry passengers from docks near the most popular dining establishments in the West End to the West Bay, where most visitors are staying in popular hotels and resorts. Each water taxi holds 6-20 people. The fee for this ride is usually minimal, and the trip only takes approximately ten minutes. Visitors can typically find an available water taxi in these areas between 7:00am and sunset, but rides can still be arranged directly with the operators outside of these hours.

Water taxis are not only a useful mode of transportation on Roatan, but also an excellent option for seeing the island. Since these small boats are run by independent operators, many captains are more than willing to show you around Roatan for an arranged fee. These local tours often offer a more in-depth view of the island paradise, as well, including sites and stories off the beaten path.

Some water taxis are available beyond the shores of Roatan, as well. Venturing out to the neighboring islands of Honduras Bay, these boats can be hired to go to Guanaja, Utila, Barareta, Morat, and Helene. These arrangements generally need to be made privately with the captain.

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