San Pedro Sula Honduras

Many vacations to Honduras will begin at San Pedro Sula. Most American and European airlines that come into Honduras offer San Pedro Sula flights. From San Pedro Sula travel to the best Honduran destinations - the Copan ruins, Roatan beaches, or the forests around La Ceiba - is easy by plane or land. As well as being a good logistical connecting point, San Pedro Sula Honduras is worth a visit on its own merit.

San Pedro Sula flights arrive from many destinations in the United States and Europe and domestic San Pedro Sula flights connect to Tegucigalpa, the Bay Islands, and the Mosquito Coast. The city's bus terminal is the best in the country, so from San Pedro Sula travel by land is easy to the Mayan site of Copan and to La Ceiba (from which you can take a ferry to Roatan or the other Bay Islands).

San Pedro Sula is also the economic capital of Honduras. The urban amenities and shopping opportunities may provide a welcome respite after travel in the Honduras backcountry. San Pedro Sula Honduras is a good place to buy artifacts or art from around Central America: head to the Casa del Sol or Mercado de Artesanias Guamalito markets. There are also some modern shopping malls: City Mall and Metroplaza Malls, with prices lower than in the United States or Europe.

San Pedro Sula has some of the best architecture in Honduras. The cathedral is noteworthy, and it sits at the end of the Parque Central, a classic example of an urban Central American park. Another worthwhile attraction is the Museum of Archeology and History, which traces the story of San Pedro Sula from pre-Columbian times.

San Pedro Sula is known for its vibrant nightlife. Head to one of the nightclubs around the Avenue Circunvalacion or check out a restaurant in the Zona Viva. The city comes alive during the Feria Juniana, in late June, one of the biggest events in Honduras. San Pedro Sula Honduras also has one of the liveliest gay and lesbian scenes in Central America.

Visitors are strongly advised to travel by taxi at night; the city is also rife with violence and gangs, although a cautious traveler should have little to fear. Another point worth taking note is that San Pedro Sula has the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in Central America.

Despite some urban annoyances, San Pedro Sula is a good place to spend a night or two before continuing on to other Honduran attractions. The cheapest places are near the Parque Central; nicer and safer hotels can be found near the Metroplaza Mall. Once you have seen San Pedro Sula travel to the Bay Islands or Mosquito Coast and enjoy some relaxation on the beach.

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