San Pedro Sula Hotels

San Pedro Sula is a gateway to Honduras. Many international flights come into the city and it is easy to catch a connecting flight to Roatan or the Mosquito Coast or to get a bus to the Copan ruins or La Ceiba. The city's nightlife and urban atmosphere makes it worthwhile to spend a night or two before leaving for another Honduras attraction. For travelers of any budget looking for a hotel San Pedro Sula provides many options.

San Pedro hotels range from the dirt cheap to the luxurious. Downtown hotels tend to be cheaper and more run down; places on the outskirts are often nicer and in safer neighborhoods.

That said, the Los Jicaros Honduras Hotel San Pedro Sula, is one of the best places to stay in town and it is just six blocks from the Parque Central; far enough away to be in a safe neighborhood. The Gran Hotel Sula is the finest centrally located hotel San Pedro Sula has to offer. It's situated right on the Parque Central and has some lovely rooms with balconies overlooking the park.

The Real Intercontinental Honduras Hotel San Pedro Sula is the place of choice for visiting dignitaries and business travelers. A luxury hotel near the Metroplaza Mall, its only drawback is the short distance from downtown. There are many other quality San Pedro hotels outside downtown, generally speaking the more expensive places are in the better neighborhoods.

Budget travelers willing to take cabs at night and exercise a little caution during their stay will find some good San Pedro hotels just south of the Parque Central. Hotel Terraza and the Marina Hotels have been serving visitors for many years: they are not luxury digs, but the rooms are clean and the location is central.

For a superb inexpensive Honduras hotel San Pedro Sula visitors should look to the Tamarindo Hostel. This funky hip hostel serves international travelers, providing beds for about $10 a night. It's a little outside downtown, but close enough for a long walk during the day. This is one of the best hostels in Honduras.

Travelers should note that during the Feria Juniana in late June, San Pedro hotels fill up quickly. It is always best to book in advance. Many agents and internet sites offer discount rooms when you combine flights and accommodation. If you do find yourself looking for a last-minute hotel San Pedro Sula usually has many available rooms. Still, it is best to check in during the day. Nighttime crime in San Pedro Sula is notorious, though perhaps over-hyped.

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