Tegucigalpa Airport

The Tegucigalpa Airport is both a civil and military airport. More specifically known as the Toncontin International Airport, it serves the capital city of Honduras – Tegucigalpa – and can be found just four miles from the city center. While most international travelers who are flying to Honduras arrive at the larger and more modern San Pedro Sula Airport, there are a few international routes to the Tegucigalpa Airport from North American destinations.

Toncontin International Airport Facilities

The Tegucigalpa Airport isn’t the world’s most complete or modern airport. It does offer some convenient facilities that travelers can take advantage of, however. Among these facilities are restaurants, lounges, a call center, an ATM, a duty free shop, a currency exchange, and a first aid room. In relation to the terminal count, there are two. The older terminal is used for domestic flights, while the newer terminal is used for international flights. Within the newer terminal, there are multinational rental car desks.

Tegucigalpa Airport Transportation

If you’re not planning on renting a car at the Toncontin International Airport, there are other transportation options. Generally, it is best to take a taxi to the downtown district if that is your intended destination. Alternative options include taking a cheaper collective taxi or an even cheaper northbound bus. The collective taxis and the northbound buses shuttle travelers to the center of the city. Should you be trying to venture off to other destinations in the country, you can take a luxury bus to San Pedro Sula. Once there, it is possible to continue on by bus to La Ceiba. Buses can also be taken from the Tegucigalpa Airport directly to La Ceiba or Comayagua. Flying to La Ceiba from Tegucigalpa is just one more transportation option, and once in La Ceiba, you can make connections to the Bay Islands or the La Mosquitia region.

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