Tegucigalpa Hotels

Many people begin a Honduras vacation with a flight to Tegucigalpa, the capital city. Although not as scenic as some Central American cities, it is worth checking into one of the many hotels in Tegucigalpa and spending a few days exploring the parks, churches, and museums or taking advantage the shopping opportunities.

Tegucigalpa hotels are available for any budget. For convenience, a downtown hotel is the best bet. The three Granada Hotels in Tegucigalpa near the Parque Finlay are good mid-range choices. A more luxurious Tegucigalpa Honduras hotel is the Nuevo Hotel Boston, a colonial-style building with well-kept rooms, a pleasant lounge, and friendly staff. Other good downtown Tegucigalpa hotels include Hotel Iberia and the well-recommended and affordable Hotel MacArthur.

Colonia Palmira, southeast of downtown, is a pleasant, safe area of the capital. Home to the U.S. Embassy and many other national embassies, Colonia Palmira also has several good Tegucigalpa hotels. Hotel Guadalupe 2 is a favored Tegucigalpa Honduras hotel for Peace Corps volunteers. The classy Hotel Portal del Angel is probably a step above other hotels in Tegucigalpa, well worth the cost ($100 a night or more). Hotel Honduras Maya is another upscale choice in the area. There are also some good bed and breakfasts in Colonia Palmira: Linda Vista, Leslie's Place, and Casal B&B, to name a few.

Hotels Tegucigalpa
Hotels Tegucigalpa

To be close to the shopping, try the InterContinental, near the Multiplaze Mall, a favored Tegucigalpa Honduras hotel for business travelers.

The cheapest places to stay in Tegucigalpa are in the Comayaguela area of the city, across the river from downtown. This is not the best place to be at night - crime is rampant, but if you are on a budget there are a few good Tegucigalpa hotels here. Try the well-guarded Hotel Palace or the small and pleasant Hotel Plaza Real.

For cheaper stays outside the city, look for a Tegucigalpa hostel near the airport. Tegu Airport Homestay is a good Tegucigalpa hostel for travelers who do not plan on staying long in the city but need a place to rest after a long flight before heading to the beaches or islands. Nearby Grasshopper Hostel is the best Tegucigalpa hostel. Dorm rooms are less than $15 a night. It is about 5 miles from the downtown attractions, but taxis and buses stop right outside.

Staff at most Tegucigalpa hotels speak English and bookings are generally available online. For the best prices, consider booking a package that includes a flight and accommodation.

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