Tela Beaches

The Tela beaches are fast becoming some of the most highly sought after beaches in Central America. Found along Tela Bay on the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras, these beaches stretch for more than seven miles and feature soft, white sands. Backing the sand are numerous palm trees, and the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea only add quality to the overall setting.

The town of Tela was formerly the base of the Tela Railroad Company, and in days gone by, the banana industry reigned supreme. This all changed in 1976 when said company moved its operations to the city of La Lima. Tela then became a rather sleepy enclave. In more recent years, the town once again started to redefine itself. Due largely in part to a governmental initiative to increase tourism in the area, it is now a popular resort and beach vacation destination. High-class resorts have sprung up along the sands of the Tela beaches, and things such as a marina and golf courses have also been developed. In other words, if you traveled to Tela in the past and were to make a return today, you would likely have trouble recognizing the town.

Some of the best Honduras beach resorts are found along the wide and inviting Tela beaches. One such example is the Hotel Telamar, which sits on what is arguably the best strip of sand in Tela proper. You can rent umbrellas and beach chairs at the Hotel Telamar beach. Also worth highlighting when it comes to the Tela beaches is the beachside boardwalk that can be found in the Tela Vieja area. Lining this boardwalk are restaurants and bars that can provide great places to hang out for a while.

Tela offers proximity to Garifuna villages and national parks. It is also within relatively easy reach of the Honduran cities of La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula. Some of the nearby Garifuna villages–more namely Tornabe and Miami–offer beaches that tourists are encouraged to keep in mind. In fact, these beaches might just be the best beaches in the area.

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