Things to Do in the Bay Islands Honduras

The beautiful Bay Islands are Honduras’ Caribbean idylls. Not only are there pristine beaches, the crystal-clear water, and plenty of tall palm trees, but English and Spanish are the islands’ primary languages, making travel here that much easier for many visitors. Things to do in the Bay Islands Honduras inevitably center on the beach and the sea, with sunbathing and snorkeling both among the top activities in the Bay Islands.

When it comes to organizing your trip here, it may help to organize the Bay Islands attractions by the separate islands that make up the area. That way you can figure out how best to deal with transportation and when to move from one island to the next.


Roatan is the Bay Islands’ largest and most-developed island. Any list of things to do in the Bay Islands Honduras will include Roatan beaches, as they are long, white, and essentially perfect. 35 miles long, the island also offers some great resorts and Bay Islands hotels in which to stay. Furthermore, as this is the biggest island in the area, Roatan includes the best nightlife activities in the Bay Islands, with much of the fun occurring in the town of West End, which is also famous for its glorious sunsets. Snorkeling is a big attraction here as well, so vacationers are warned not to drink too much if they're planning to be up early to don wetsuits and explore stunning corals the next day.

Cayos Cochinos

Continuing the diving theme is the Cayos Cochinos, which is an area of two small islands within the Bay Islands district. A protected nature reserve of exquisite natural beauty, the Bay Islands attractions available here are diving, diving, and more diving. Excursions can be arranged from Cayos Cochinos hotels or local operators. Invariably they all head to the awesome Meso-American Barrier Reef, which is just out to sea from the islands’ edge.


Things to do in the Bay Islands Honduras also include a visit to Utilia, which is the smallest of the Bay Islands. Utilia tends to draw budget travelers; there’s a prevailing youthful feel to the air here, and accommodation tends to match this, being fun, friendly, and resolutely affordable. Again, diving is one of the main activities in the Bay Islands to try here, though it’s worth considering the nightlife and dining opportunities, which again benefit from the island’s down-to-earth sensibility.


Aside from the ubiquitous diving, swimming, and lounging opportunities, Guanaja Island offers one of the unique Bay Islands attractions in the form of Bonacca, a small town that rises on stilts out of the sea. Often called the Venice of Honduras, there are virtually no roads here. Instead, everyone uses boats as their means of transportation, as canals connect the island’s buildings. In terms of money, Guanaja is at the other end of the scale from Utilia—this is a place of high-class hotels and resorts, which may be worth taking into account when planning your vacation to the Bay Islands in Honduras.

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