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There is really no bad time for a Honduras vacation. Temperatures do not vary widely at different times of year. But like other Central American countries, Honduras experiences a rainy season and a dry season. In inland Honduras, rainy season lasts from approximately May until November. On the Caribbean coast and in the Bay Islands, the rains come between September and January. Most people prefer to travel to Honduras during the dry season.

Even in rainy season, there are clear skies for most of the day. Mornings are usually clear and sunny. The rain comes in the afternoon and often lasts an hour or so. Honduras travel during the rainy season is often less expensive, so this is not a bad time to consider a Honduras vacation.

Hurricanes rarely hit Honduras, but when they do (as with Hurricane Mitch in 1998) they can be devastating. Look for current Honduras travel information regarding hurricanes, especially if you plan to visit in September or October.

The ideal time to travel to Honduras is probably in late winter or early spring: February and March are good bets. The forests are still lush after the rainy season, but the climate is warm and dry.

A key piece of Honduras travel information is the climate. Temperatures in the Honduran Bay Islands are usually around the mid-80s (high 20s in Celsius). Along the north coast, they hover in the 70s and 80s (20s in Celsius). Further inland, in San Pedro Sula for example, temperatures above 90 degrees (over 30 degrees Celsius) are not uncommon in the early summer, before the rains come. The climate is milder in the Honduran mountains. Tegucigalpa is often 10 degrees cooler than San Pedro Sula.

Events and festivals are another factor to consider when planning Honduras travel. The week before Easter (Semana Santa) is a time of celebration throughout much of the country. Festivals in many towns provide unique glimpses into South American culture, but hotels are usually booked well in advance. Have a set itinerary and book rooms early if you want to travel to Honduras during this time.

The biggest festival in Honduras is the carnaval in La Ceiba, which culminates on the third Saturday in May. Because La Ceiba is a stop on the route of many eco tours and trips to Roatan, Utila, or the Mosquito Coast, make allowances if you plan on passing through the town in mid-May.

Another large festival, the Feria Juniana, takes place in San Pedro Sula in the last week of June. Many international flights to Honduras come into the San Pedro Sula airport. If you need to spend a night or two in the city before going to the Bay Islands or elsewhere, be sure to book rooms if advance at this time of year.

A Honduras vacation is a great way to escape the cold of winter in North America or Europe. Whenever you choose to go, make the most of all the many things to do in Honduras.

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