Nicaragua was once a country that was considered dangerous to tourists, but because of a change in leadership and a period of peace, Nicaragua is a new favorite of tourists all over the world. The country features beautiful beaches, spectacular active volcanoes that provide a challenging place to hike, and historical cities featuring great nightlife, festivals, and shopping opportunities. Take a Nicaragua trip and see why Nicaragua tourism is at an all time high.

When most people take a vacation in Nicaragua, they will arrive at the Nicaragua International Airport located in the city of Managua. The airport is relatively small for all of the flights that depart from the airport daily, but you'll find that flights usually run on schedule. Once you arrive at the airport, you'll need to show your passport to the customs officials. One good travel trip that is a good habit to get into is making some copies of your passport to keep in your wallet or suitcase just in case you lose the actual document. This will provide you with some peace of mind as you begin your vacation in Nicaragua.

Once you arrive in Nicaragua, consider heading south to the beach. San Juan del Sur is a peaceful beach community on the Pacific Ocean where many people choose to spend their nicaragua vacations. You"ll find a variety of lodging options, from all inclusive resorts to quaint bed and breakfasts overlooking the ocean. Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and surfing are some of the activities that people enjoy on a Nicaragua to San Juan del Sur. Some of the resorts offer horse back riding tours alongside the beach.

Those interested in Nicaragua culture and history may want to spend a few days in Granada. Granada was founded back in 1524 and is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. The city has been involved in many wars and battles since its establishment. In fact, some of the buildings still remain scorched from prior wars. Today, the city of Granada is a peaceful place to shop for souvenirs at a market or enjoy Nicaraguan cuisine at an outdoor cafe. Granada is located on the coast of Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Central America. Taking a boat tour of the islands on Lake Nicaragua is a relaxing way to enjoy the lake. You"ll also have a great view of the colorful rooftops of Granada from the boat.

You'll want to bring plenty of bug spray with you on your Nicaragua trip, especially if you are planning to take a guided trek through the rainforests of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. Mosquitoes and other bugs can be bothersome and dangerous. Although the cases of malaria in Nicaragua are starting to decrease, there is still a chance of catching malaria by trekking through the rainforests. Educate yourself before Nicaragua travel and find what kind of malaria medication to purchase as well as other precautions you should take before venturing into the thick rainforests of Nicaragua. Nicaragua tourism bureaus are the best places to go to find this information.

The official currency of Nicaragua is the corboda. One U.S. dollar is approximately equal to twenty corbodas. To get an idea of how much things cost in Nicaragua, a cold beer from a typical Nicaragua bar will cost you around twenty corbodas, or a dollar. You can carry the Nicaraguan currency or use U.S. dollars for all of your travel expenses in Nicaragua. If you do decide to pay for things in dollars, be aware that your change will be given in Nicaraguan currency.

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